High School Public Speaking Video

Do you need high school public speaking tips in a hurry?

Perhaps you've given a speech in the past and it failed to fire. This excellent video can help.
Follow Stanley as he learns to turn around his miserable public speaking experience. With the help of an expert speech coach he's determined make his next speaking challenge a success.

The video covers:

  • the difference between an informative and a persuasive speech

  • how to use note or cue cards effectively

  • how to deliver your speech - voice projection, speech clarity, vocal variety and speech rate

  • when and how to use props

  • the value of rehearsal or practice

After you've viewed the video you can find further help right here on this site.

Click the links for assistance with:

If you need more check the site map. You'll find speech topic suggestions as well as all sorts of other speech related resources.

Go well.

Take a tip from Stanley - PRACTICE does make perfect. You can do it. Make your public speaking opportunities something to be proud of.

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