Dissolve your Public Speaking Fear with Laughter

What's the worst thing about public speaking fear you can think of?

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I bet your answer is that it will control you completely.

You have a presentation or speech to give and you know...
  • You're going to stammer uncontrollably
  • You're going to forget your speech
  • You're going to spend the entire time you should be speaking in the bathroom because...
Well, there's a song about it and every awful fear features.

"I hate Public Speaking" is funny, beautifully performed and will have you smiling in spite of yourself.

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Do you want more information about why you get so anxious?
Check out fight or flight response.

Or maybe you're unsure whether you're suffering from fear of public speaking or really are ill?
Look up the symptoms of fear of public speaking here.

And get relief from acute anxiety with proven Acute Anxiety Help tips or if it really truly is ungovernable read this page on successfully dealing with Public Speaking Panic Attacks.

Humor does help!
It frees and relaxes you so you're able to focus on what you need to do for public speaking success.
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Essential tips for Overcoming Public Speaking Fears

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