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Christmas presence just for you - 'tis the season to be jolly!
December 17, 2019

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Christmas presence

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Christmas presence just for you

If I could play the generous Santa I'd look you straight in the eye and know precisely what "speak-up", "speak-out" gift to give you. Then I'd reach into my sack of goodies and hey-presto, there it would be, gift wrapped, with your name on it.

There'd be word finders for those who lose them, volume adjusters for soft and loud, poise and pause plugins, body language enhancements ... but biggest and best of all would be super-sized, eco-friendly, bespoke confidence kits. Those would never run out, cause no harm to the environment and be entirely tailored to your individual needs.

Your Christmas present would give you the public speaking presence you desire all year round!

Close your eyes and open your heart. Your choice is arriving embodied in those lovely words of Goethe's:

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now."

Got it? Good.Let's use it to share the magic of the spoken word over these holidays.

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Reading aloud

In my 2013 Christmas newsletter I included an article on the joy of reading aloud. Six years later it remains top of my list of gifts to give.

That 2013 article included this link to 20 famous Christmas stories for all ages as well as a collection of how to read aloud well tips. (Very useful, if you're new to this. Check them out.)

Now here's some more compelling links:

Happy reading! I'm hoping my niece and nephew are not too old for another round of Dr Seuss.

PS. When you read aloud you are developing very valuable skills that will enhance your speech making: vocal variety, pausing, an awareness of rate of speech, articulation, becoming aware of the impact you're having on your listeners ... It's very much a win-win situation. You give and, receive.

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Farewell and Christmas speeches

For many people this time of year is a time of change. They leave jobs and have to say goodbye to colleagues and inevitably they'll be asked to say a few words - to give a farewell speech.

For others there's the speech at the office Christmas party to give.

While everybody else is gearing up for a jolly good time they're nervously scrabbling together ideas about what to say to wrap up the year, to thank everyone for their work and wish a happy holiday to all.

Is that you? If you need a farewell or Christmas speech and you're short on time try my Speech Builder. This will help you prepare a good original speech very quickly.

Spend approximately 15 minutes and $10.00 US and you'll have your speech ready to go.

Christmas speech builder offer

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Comment, share & connect

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Until next time,
Happy speaking, happy holidays


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