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6 updated resource pages: top 10 public speaking exercises and more
September 01, 2020

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6 updated resource pages - a round up

Find out how to choose a good declamation piece and deliver it well. Write a winning 'vote for me' student council speech. Improve your skills with these top 10 public speaking exercises. Dare to be different and choose a soft skills topic for your demonstration speech. Stir up some feeling with controversial speech topics. And browse a collection of example speeches.

For me, one of the benefits of this peculiar time we share where ever we are in the world, has been having space to rework many of the pages on my site.

Where needed I've revised the text, added example speeches and more resource links. I hope they're useful to you.

  1. Declamation speech
    Find out more about the background of this type of speech. Use the resource links to find the right piece for yourself, your purpose and your audience, and then learn how to deliver it well.

  2. Student Council speeches
    How to craft a good campaign speech. You'll find step by step guidelines, a template, a speech example, tips for rehearsal and links to video examples.

  3. Public speaking exercises
    These are top 10 to tuck into your toolkit. They're simple to learn, easy to put into practice and will definitely help you deliver your speech more effectively.

  4. 'How' to speech ideas
    50 'show & tell' topics for demonstration speeches focusing on soft skills that are often learned the hard way. For example: how to apologize sincerely, how to say 'no' politely or how to listen effectively. These are crucial to harmonious living which makes them an invaluable gift for the right audience.

  5. Speech examples
    There are dozens of speech examples of varying types on my site. I've written many of them: 50th, 40th and 18th birthday speeches, farewell, retirement ...and many more have been sent in by site visitors. They're useful if you have a speech to write and don't know where to begin. Reading what someone else has done can sometimes be enough to kick start your own creativity.

  6. Controversial speech topics
    You'll find 239 speech topics, split into topic four broad, highly evocative areas: food, babies and children, teenagers and society. Plus how to choose, research and present an argumentative topic effectively.


Where ever you are I hope you and yours are well. Stay safe, stay sane, wear a mask and if possible, stay put. This too, will pass.

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