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[Speaking-Out-Loud December 2018]Happy holidays - get your freebie game for the family to play
December 10, 2018

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Story Starters label - Christmas 2018

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Captivate your audience

'Twas a dark and stormy night. Cynthia heard the door creak open and the dull thud, thud, thud of footsteps coming up the stairs. She shivered. Was it Father Christmas? ...'

'Tis the season for story telling. Create memories by gathering your favorite people together to share tall tales and fascinating yarns.

The public speaking game, "story starters", is perfect as a starting point to get the stories flowing. It's inclusive. Everybody, excepting very young children, can take part and share a story.

You'll find "story starters" great for:

  • bridging and uniting generations - everybody over the age of 8 - 9 years can play
  • encouraging conversations and appreciation of others
  • developing imagination and whimsy
  • suspending reality
  • dispelling boredom
  • AND of course practicing impromptu speaking!

Get the information and resources you need to play

Everything you need is in a downloadable pdf. To get it just click on the link Story Starters.

The file includes:

  • a game overview
  • a list of skills playing the game will encourage and develop
  • how to play
  • the rules (which fortunately are very few!)
  • and 80 printable story starters

Give the gift of confidence

For even more verbal hijinx and silly speaking nonsense, to develop public speaking under the guise of fun, check out this link public speaking activities and games. You'll find links to many more games that you can easily adapt for groups of family and friends. They're a great alternative to screen-time.

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Farewell and Christmas Speeches

For many people this time of year is a time of change. They leave jobs and have to say goodbye to colleagues. Inevitably they'll be asked to say a few words - to give a farewell speech.

For others there's the speech at the office Christmas party to give.

While everybody else is gearing up for a jolly good time they're nervously scrabbling together ideas about what to say to wrap up the year, to thank everyone for their work and wish a happy holiday to all.

Is that you? If you need a farewell or Christmas speech and you're short on time try my Speech Builder. This will help you prepare a good original speech very quickly.

Spend approximately 15 minutes and $10.00 US and you'll have your speech ready to go.

Christmas speech builder offer

Comment, share & connect

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Until next time,
Happy speaking, happy holidays


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