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February 23, 2021

What's your biggest public speaking challenge?

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Do you have a moment to share?

I hope where ever you are in the world the new year is shaping up nicely for you.

Because you subscribe to speaking-out-loud I know you're interested in public speaking. However, I don't know what your greatest public speaking challenges are! And that's something I'd like to know because, I want to help you meet them.

I've been thinking about this newsletter and my website and wondering what to do to serve you better.

  • Is it more content? In what format? On what subject?
  • Is it an online course?
  • More printables?

Without your input I'm just guessing. So if you have five minutes to spare I'd greatly appreciate your feedback.

Survey button: Text: take the survey

Thanks for your help, and your time!

PS. I hope you found at least a few of the 12 freebie printables available through my 2020 Christmas newsletter useful and fun. If you haven't looked, they're still there, but for not much longer. ☺ I am going to remove the link to that issue at the end of February. Get them soon!

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