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Tips to fine tune your voice for maximum impact
October 29, 2019

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Image: Boy with open mouth. Text: Blah, blah, blah - 6 quick & easy tips to develop an effective speaking rate

Some people open their mouths and words tumble out over each other in a rushing torrent of information.

Others speak as if each word had to be individually dragged from a hiding place, making their speech very, very slow.

Some people speak at the same speed ALL the time, regardless of what they are saying, or how they are feeling.

Others use the same pitch. And still more have a habitual tone.

Collectively how fast or slow a person speaks, how loudly or softly, how expressively or not, is called vocal variety.

We all need it! Good, flexible vocal variety ensures we'll be listened to when we speak.

Use these pages from my site to improve aspects of how you speak.

6 effective tips for speaking rate

Do you habitually speak either too quickly or too slowly?

Here's a collection of useful tips and practical exercises to train yourself to speak at just the right speed for your audience and your material.

Gabble, or drag your words out, no longer.

Get a fix on speaking rate .

Pitch, tone, and volume

Low voice, high voice, monotone voice, soft or loud voice

Is your voice filled with feeling? Do you speak authoritatively? When you need to can you fill a hall without straining your voice?

Keep your listeners interested by using Vocal variety

The magic of silence

There are sayings about the impact of silence in speech. For instance: a 'pregnant pause' means an intentional silence loaded with significance.

The sayings are repeated for a very good reason. Silence in speeches is extremely powerful.

Have you harnessed the power of the pause?

Read effective tips for using pauses to get started.

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