Pre-Service Teaching

by Chrissie

So I am a total introvert! I hated public speaking when I was at school and used to, shamefully, break down in front of audiences at competitions where I had to voice my opinion. In front of my friends I was fine, but a crowd or class, just impossible.

Then I signed up to your magazine, Speaking Out Loud, while I was on my first week of Practical Field experience for my teaching degree in English. (I know, not the best job for someone with a fear of public speaking!) But, after reading your tips and tricks about posture, stance, changing pitch and tone, I managed to teach an entire 80 minute lesson without one stammer, stutter or shortness of breath. I was amazed.

Thank you so much for making this fabulous online tool for people like me. I definitely will recommend this e-zine to students inside my classroom and use the tips to help teach them how to overcome their personal problems with speaking and release their true potential.

If it can help me, it can help anyone.

Thanks Susan and Write-Out

Note from Susan:

Wow Chrissie, this is fantastic news!

You obviously got on top of those public speaking fears and turned all that negative 'can't do' energy into positive 'can do' and triumphed.

Thank you for writing in. It's always good to hear from readers, especially with stories like this that will inspire others to do what it takes to get over the limitations holding them back.

In truth though the suggestions about stance, vocal variety or breathing well, wouldn't have made any difference at all if you hadn't put the time and energy in to practice them. So it's you who deserves the applause! And the best thing about experiencing this success is that you now have the knowledge and confidence to replicate it again and again. It can only get better!

Wishing you happy teaching,

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