Selling yourself - conversational speaking skills

by Sanctus Michael's Posteri
(Teaneck, New Jersey)

I just had a conversation with a member of a firm I wanted to join upon graduation of MBA school.

Several times the woman asked me to repeat myself, and other times I found myself at a loss for words. She pointed out that even if you have great analytical abilities and are great in all other areas, success as a financial analyst will not be attained with poor communication skills.

When I am speaking with people at meet and greets, they are not judging me based on my A average, or my extracurricular activites, or any other great intangibles I may have.

The most powerful influence I have over their first impression of me is how I communicate. So I have decided to proactively enhance my speaking skills. Not for the purposes of lecture or speechs, but I'm referring to conversational skills; job fairs, interviews and phone calls from prospective employers. Most important is how I come off in casual conversation.

My goal is to impress without sounding like I'm selling myself. I've read the site and will add a weekly regime to my self-development program. I hope you have pieces that deal specifically with how to make great points or be succint, yet persuasive with my use of language.

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