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Have you got tips and speeches you could share? Please do!

So many people are terrified of standing up in front others to say 'a few words'. is all about helping them get over their fear and go on to deliver successful speeches, regardless of the occasion.

That's why I've collected together the best and most practical tips I know for overcoming fear of public speaking as well as suggestions for dealing with acute anxiety.

I've written pages on varying types of special occasion speeches and in most instances included samples of my own. You will have seen some of them.

There's my:

In addition there's information on how to enhance your vocal delivery, templates for speech outlines and evaluation, collections of quotations to browse through ...

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But what's needed is more ...

I would love your tips and speeches

Why? Because the more we have the better it is. What is just right for one person may not be right for another.

People are always looking for that extra-special tip or speech to inspire them. How do I know? Because 1000's come here every day and I want them to find what they need.

They want help to overcome their fear. They want to see a eulogy to guide them through the process of writing one for a loved one. Still more want to read a retirement speech and then there's those who are searching for a way to make a birthday speech unique.

Your tips and speeches could help.

Please share.

The process is simple. Select the area your tip or speech is best suited to from the list below. Click the page up and ENTER it.

  • Tips for overcoming fear of public speaking
  • Sample eulogies - Tips & Text

    (Please don't be shy about offering a funeral speech you've written for others to read.

    One of our greatest ironies is that despite the inevitability of death it remains the least talked about of the profound events that shape our lives.

    Think of the diverse volume of material universally available on births or weddings. That is not mirrored in the quantity or quality of information surrounding death.

    So if you have the text of a eulogy, or a suggestion for a poem or reading, enter it.

    You will help someone somewhere and through them, many more.)

  • Retirement speeches - Tips & Text
  • Birthday speeches - Tips & Text

Or if you have any other suggestions not covered by the list above, please make them through my contact form. I love hearing from you.

What's the reward for submitting your speech ideas?

I'm glad you asked. You get:

  • your own personal page on my web site that you can show others and upload photos to if you wish
  • the knowledge that you have helped other people through sharing
  • the gratitude and thanks of your visitors

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  • a 'virtual' bunch of daisies from me and ...
  • my heartfelt thanks for your contribution towards making this site a valuable resource-rich experience for the people who come to it.

So let's hear it from you!

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