Using Signature Sayings

by Matt Schneeman

Clifford Schneeman

Clifford Schneeman

Matt Schneeman recently submitted an expression that his father made his own.

He wrote:

My father once said, 'Never say never, and give up.'
I asked, 'You mean never give up?' Which he responded to with, 'Never say never.'

That exchange was remembered and retold to the extent it became a signature saying within the Schneeman family and their circle of close friends. Everyone knew it belonged to Clifford and hearing it automatically unleashed memories of him.

Matt comments:

'My father, you could say, was a hard working normal joe. Of course he wasn't just that to the ones who knew and loved him. That line was used in his eulogy as well in his life.'

The submission reminded me of how important it is for family and friends to include in their eulogies the familiar expressions of the person they are mourning.
Those signature sayings are verbal touchstones keeping memories alive.

Thank-you, Matt.

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