Love goes on

by May Fenn

Death is not the end,
For love goes on
And you will find the evidence
Long after I have gone.
The flowers that we planted
Will blossom without end,
You’ll find me in their beauty
As to their needs you tend.
The books we read together,
The laughter in the pages,
Will continue to give pleasure
To you throughout the ages.
So do not mourn my passing
You are not left alone,
You’ll always find me waiting
In the places we have known.
The bond that grew between us
Will not abate with time,
It will go on for always,
I’m yours and you are mine.

I wrote this poem and my daughter gave it to her husband when she was dying from cancer. He said he found it a great comfort.
From May Fenn

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Beautiful Words
by: Michele

I would also like to read your poem as it is very fitting for an individual whose funeral I will be attending soon. Thank you for your beautiful words.

Hope your reading goes well.
Kind regards,

Thx for this poem
by: Janet

I'd like permission to use this poem giving you credit for its healing words of encouragement and allowing my family comfort as we heal after the death of our sister. Thank you and God bless you!

Please use it!
As I've said to others who've asked, the poet published the poem here for all to use.
May you find comfort in its words.

by: chris

Beautiful poem...I would love to borrow a few lines of it...

You are welcome to borrow the lines! They're a gift for all to use from the poet.

Very touching
by: Mary

Loves goes on is beautifully written.

My father passed away 20 years ago from cancer, reading this poem today reminds me of how I feel about him.

Just recently lost a co-worker and friend, and I have been asked to speak at her service, I would love to read poem to the family.

by: Kathy Foottit

Thankyou and what a touching poem. I used a few words to add to my Uncle Terry's eulogy which I will be speaking at this Saturday.

The Lord bless you and comfort you and give you His peace.


K. Foottit

by: Jean-Piere

I would like to use in whole and or in part in my mother eulogy, of course giving recognition to you. Thank you for sharing and helping make a difficult time more of a celebration of life that lives on in the memories we keep and share. GOD Bless.

Please go ahead and use what you want of the poem.
You have the poet's blessing to do so.
Kind regards,

Love goes on
by: Anonymous

Your beautiful poem has the exact sentiments that I wish to express for my husbands funeral. Would you mind if I used it for the eulogy?

It's Susan here.
Please go ahead. Using the poem is just what its writer intended when posting it here.
Kind regards,

Permission for using your lovely thoughts
by: A friend of many

I ask permission to use this meditation in a memorial service for many deceased friends.
May God bless you, lead you, and hold you in His Arms.

Please do.
Kind regards,

by: Debra

I would love to use part of this for my husband's eulogy. He is currently in hospice care after a massive stroke.

Thank you.

Hi Debra,
This is Susan. Please go ahead. As I've said to others who have asked the same question, please go ahead. I'm sure the writer would be delighted to know their work is being used by others.
Kind regards,

Permission to use poem
by: Anonymous

May I use this poem in my eulogy? I will say who wrote this poem and will give that person all rights.

Hi there,
Please go ahead!
Kind regards,

by: Anonymous

I would like to ask permission for using your poem for our activity in school.

This is Susan. Please do go ahead and use the poem. I'm sure its writer would be delighted that it's being read, appreciated and passed on to others.

by: Anonymous

I would like to ask permission to use your poem in my Eulogy project ? Can I?

This is Susan - I'm sure the writer of this poem would be thrilled if you used her poem as part of your project.
I hope it goes well for you,
Kind regards,

Love goes on
by: Anonymous

Inspiration for the soul.

Love goes on
by: Sue Courtwright

Wonderful words of heart felt thoughts. If it is okay I would like to us this poem in my big sister's service. Thank you so much and God Bless.

Hi Sue,
Susan here. It's more than OK to use the poem in your big sister's service. I hope it goes well for you.
Kind regards,

Beautiful words
by: Azalea

I would like to use part of your poem for my uncle's eulogy if that is okay. The words are simple but beautiful.

Note from Susan
Hi Azalea,
I'm sure May, the writer of this poem, would be delighted if you took what you needed to.
Go well,
Kind regards,

My loving cousin
by: Anonymous

These words changed the feeling of sorrow to thoughts more hopefully happy.

by: Anonymous

Beautiful - love is a beautiful thing.

by: Anonymous

This was done perfect.

by: Anonymous

So nice

So Beautiful
by: Anonymous

So true, my dad lives on in me and in the love of things shared, an inspired poem!

Many thanks May
by: Susan

You are so right. We need reminders that our loved folk live on in us.

Thank you for sharing your poem.

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