Love goes on

by May Fenn

Death is not the end,
For love goes on
And you will find the evidence
Long after I have gone.
The flowers that we planted
Will blossom without end,
You’ll find me in their beauty
As to their needs you tend.
The books we read together,
The laughter in the pages,
Will continue to give pleasure
To you throughout the ages.
So do not mourn my passing
You are not left alone,
You’ll always find me waiting
In the places we have known.
The bond that grew between us
Will not abate with time,
It will go on for always,
I’m yours and you are mine.

I wrote this poem and my daughter gave it to her husband when she was dying from cancer. He said he found it a great comfort.
From May Fenn

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My loving cousin
by: Anonymous

These words changed the feeling of sorrow to thoughts more hopefully happy.

by: Anonymous

Beautiful - love is a beautiful thing.

by: Anonymous

This was done perfect.

by: Anonymous

So nice

So Beautiful
by: Anonymous

So true, my dad lives on in me and in the love of things shared, an inspired poem!

Many thanks May
by: Susan

You are so right. We need reminders that our loved folk live on in us.

Thank you for sharing your poem.

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