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I've called it speaking out loud.

Who is speaking out loud for?

speaking out loud is for people who are actively involved in public speaking.

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It's for teachers 

If you're teaching communications or public speaking classes from middle school up, you'll find the printable resources I often include with the articles I post really useful. As examples check these pages:

And likewise the step by step instructions for public speaking activities of varying sorts. All of them fun and effective!

It's for students

If you're a student you'll find step by step help with finding good speech topics, how to write varying types of speeches (with examples), how to rehearse a speech well and, much more. In short, loads of great information about preparing and delivering stand-out presentations.

speaking out loud is something for nothing!

It's free. The total cost to you is, in the words of my Granny, '"diddly-squat". In ordinary non-Granny speak that's nothing.

You give me your email address and I give you immediate access to new and updated public speaking resources. It's simple, easy, and without any catches.

To see an example click speaking out loud

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