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Fear of Speaking in front of 200 people 
Being a Secretary of an autonomous body, I have to present the annual receipts and expenditure statement and the administration report in front of the …

Help with stuttering needed 
Hi Susan, Just writing to say how helpful Speaking-Out-Loud is to my family as we have stutterers amongst us. Teaching them confidence in speaking is …

Selling yourself - conversational speaking skills 
I just had a conversation with a member of a firm I wanted to join upon graduation of MBA school. Several times the woman asked me to repeat myself, …

I am a communications teacher who is always looking for interactive exercises to get my (often anxious) college students engaged and learning about the power of effective public speaking. 
I teach a public speaking course that is the sole required communications course for many of my technically-oriented students (including chemistry, IT, …

How to write a tribute/retirement speech 
The 'how to write a tribute/retirement speech' question below came via my contact form. I'm entering it here to show you the types of questions I get asked …

Steps in teaching informative and persuasive speeches and using podiums 
Hi Susan: Hope you're having a great end of the summer. I'm putting a syllabus for teaching a public speaking course together and have a few questions …

Pre-Service Teaching  
So I am a total introvert! I hated public speaking when I was at school and used to, shamefully, break down in front of audiences at competitions where …

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Dear Susan,
Thank you for the wonderful articles you have sent out through your e-zine.
I've enjoyed reading each and every one; your experience shows and your voice is clear throughout.
I am working on using many of your suggestions in the workshops I intend to give this year.
Every trainer needs a trainer. I look forward to many more articles.
Warm regards,
- Malaysia

Dear Susan,
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful newsletter.
This past semester was my first semester teaching public speaking at a local college and your information was invaluable.
Your ideas are splendid and clever and always clearly written.
Thank you for everything you do.
- Maryland, USA

Hi Susan!
I just wanted to tell you how I love to read your articles every month.
I have even read almost every page on your website!
I'm a Junior at Las Positas College here in Livermore, California, and many of your tips has helped me a lot (including boosting my confidence.)
I just wanted you to know there is a fan of yours out there reading your monthly articles!
Best regards,
- Las Positas College, Livermore, California.