Welcome to the Family Speeches

Welcome to the family speeches are exactly that: welcoming!

The aim or purpose of this speech is to embrace its newest addition(s): to make them feel at home, at ease, and valued.

Your words extend a hand of friend and kinship on behalf of your immediate and extended family. Delivered with a smile they warmly acknowledge and celebrate the newcomer's admission to the family.

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If you've been asked to give a welcome to the family speech as part of a wedding celebration adapt the sample speech below to fit your needs.

There's room to personalize it with a couple of succinct stories to fit the occasion or leave it as is.

What's here follows the SSS rule: simple, short and sincere.

Sample Welcome Speech

Mary {Insert name} - welcome to the family!

Family, tribe, clan, group, net-work - call it what you will, it's us - all of us!
Mothers, Fathers, Uncles, Aunts, brothers, sisters, cousins, 3rd cousins, even 53rd cousins, old and young, generations linked together through shared DNA and history.

Look around. The faces smiling back at you are now your people too.
And you thought you were just marrying Dean {Insert name} didn't you?
We are the bonus prize!

But seriously, we're delighted that Dean {Insert name} had the good sense to choose you to marry.

Over the time leading up to today we've seen you are so right for each other.{Place to insert a couple of examples or stories illustrating how good these two are together.}

Now we look forward to supporting you both, sharing your lives through the many years ahead.

We're honored to welcome you to the family.

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