Overcoming fear of public speaking

Imagine your life without public speaking anxiety

What do you think you could achieve through overcoming fear of public speaking?

  • Would you apply for the leadership roles you secretly aspire to?
  • Would you speak up for a cause you're committed to?
  • At functions for family and friends, would you stand to give a speech effortlessly?

And most importantly, would you lose the sense of limitation, shame and frustration you carry through NOT speaking up?

Speaking up is your birthright

We're born with the gift of voice. It's part of the universal human survival kit issued at birth and we're meant to use it!

We're born with the gift of voice

Allow me to help you, help yourself.

There is no rule stating you will be on permanent self-mute, or that attempting to speak in public will bring instant humiliation because you'll bumble, blush, babble and blurt.

Image: painting of terrified man, in a spotlight, standing behind a podium. The larger than life audience stare at him as he shakes.

Understanding anxiety and public speaking

Did you know the fear many people feel, is not actually public speaking fear at all?

It's fear of being set apart, judged and found wanting.

Of not being good enough.

Blame it on those old crowd genes

crowd of dolls

By origin we are crowd creatures. We belong in groups: social, work and family, and within them we unconsciously know our place.

That historical imprint is in our DNA.

Getting up to speak in front of others, without training or practice, upsets our inbuilt 'safety in numbers' comfort zone.

Temporarily we're 'out' of the group.

And that separation launches all the uncomfortable physical manifestations and feelings commonly associated with public speaking fear:

  • pounding heart
  • nervous sweats
  • wobbly knees
  • shaky hands
  • squeaky voice
  • mind blanks
  • dizziness
  • the galloping 'what if' disaster scenarios: what if they don't like me, what if I forget what I'm supposed to say ...

Need I go on?

Standing alone in the glare of a spotlight on full triggers those responses, not speech itself.

It doesn't have to be like that.

Swapping fear for confidence

write-out-loud.com is dedicated to providing you with the courage and knowledge to stand tall and be seen, to speak up, to let your voice be heard, to allow it to become the powerful vehicle of expression it was intended to be.

Public speaking is learn-able

Public speaking is a skill, not an innate ability

Public speaking is a skill, not an innate ability. Just like any other skill you've acquired, it can be learned.

You'll find what you need here to give your words safe passage from heart and mind, to mouth and freedom.

Dive right in!

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  • "Fantastic and very comprehensive site that is a joy to read. I too am a teacher, initially of Elementary school students and now of adults.I have taught children how to speak effectively in public, now to teach adults! Thank you for sharing this resource."

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