Ten Tips on Using the Positive Power of the Spoken Word

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The 'ten tips on using the positive power of the spoken word' page is to remind ourselves that our words do matter. Everything we say has the potential to either heal or harm. Our words can destruct or construct, be positive or negative.

However, whatever choice we make, to harm or heal, it is never the words themselves directly causing the outcome. Words, simply 'are'. It is how we use and what we bring or associate with them, creating the end result.

Because the words we speak either aloud, or in the privacy of our minds, embody our intentions, they are a carrier of ourselves, our energy. And as you know we can have good, bad or indifferent word moments or even days.

Most of us will have experienced the effects of the negative power of the spoken word. It can color our personal lives and ripple far beyond us to effect everything and everybody. That is why Ten Tips on the Using the Positive Power of the Spoken Word is vital.

As a single individual we maybe powerless to change the world but we can change ourselves. We can make a choice to pass on negativity or positivity in our speech. Our words do matter. They are powerful.

Try and see for yourself.

Ten Tips on Using the Positive Power of the Spoken Word
  • Practice Compliments
    Give unasked for praise for an action or some quality you genuinely admire in another person. Give it without reservation or a 'rider' attached.
    (A rider undoes or qualifies the compliment, robbing it of its power. Example: 'That dress looks nice on you. It makes you look smaller.')
    A true compliment is a gift. It says to the receiver you see and appreciate them for who they are and comes without strings attached. It is given freely.

  • Read Aloud to a Child
    Choose a story-book to share. Settle in and enjoy yourself. Reading aloud to a child has many positive benefits. For the child it will help develop reading skills and imagination but most importantly, it is a gift of your time and energy. It says you are valuable and worthy of my attention. For you, the reader, the quality of your relationship is enhanced.

  • Practice Positive Self-talk
    As you go about your day's activities be conscious of how you are talking to yourself in your mind. Find aspects you can genuinely positively comment on. Be specific. The more specific you are the less likely you will counter your positive comment with a negative rejoinder. Practice graciously accepting your own compliments.

  • Collect & Use Words that Inspire
  • Make a list of Positive Power Words or Positive Inspirational Phrases
    Write them out. Post them where you will see them. Say them out loud.

  • Practice Responding rather than Reacting
    The difference? To react is to speak without thought or to blurt. To respond implies conscious thought. In responding, we make a choice. We think before we open our mouths. To help create the space needed for conscious speech, count to 5 before speaking. This may seem odd but in an emotionally charged situation, the wait gives us time to consider what it is we really want to say.

  • Learn to say 'I'm sorry'
    The quicker we own our mistakes and acknowledge the effect they've had on others, the less likely they are to turn into raging monsters with a life of their own. 'I'm sorry', genuinely said is one of the most important of the ten tips on using the positive power of the spoken word.

  • Learn to say and receive 'I forgive you'
    If we accept or give a sincere apology, the sting of the offence is removed. Sometimes we carry blame, guilt, or anxiety for years because we assume the hurt caused by our actions lives on. If we'd been told we were forgiven, the burden would have been released. Like 'I'm Sorry', 'I forgive you' is a top ranked tip from the ten tips on using the positive power of the spoken word collection.

  • Collect New Words
    The more words you have in your vocabulary, the more precisely you can express yourself.
    You'll find a wonderful collection of fun ways to increase your word power here.

  • Read or listen to the master story tellers
  • Listen to Inspiring Literature
    Get audio books for your car or ipod. Fill your mind with positivity expressed in the best of language.

  • Practice expressing genuine gratitude for all the good in your life.
    Thank-you is simple to say.

Do you want to help a child grow in self confidence and learn to 'voice' themselves powerfully and positively in the world?
You'll find Speech & Drama activities and suggestions here especially chosen to develop positive self esteem in children.
They are suitable for kindergarten to 8-9 yr. olds but are easily adapted for older children. Have fun with them.

Perhaps you have suggestions to add to these Ten Tips on using the Positive Power of the Spoken Word?
I would gladly welcome them. Let's build the list together. Let's grow the Ten Tips on using the Positive Power of the Spoken Word to Twenty, Thirty or more!
Please send them via the form here.


Here's one I recently received from Ahmed in Kuwait. It captures the attitudes and habits required to nurture good in all its forms.

'Think Positively, Read Positively, Eat Positively and deal and act Positively,
With Positivity, your life, your thinking, and your future will be changed, getting better and better.'

Would you like a free e-book classic? James Allen's 'As a Man Thinketh' is widely regarded as a major influence in the development of contemporary self-improvement regimes, including Norman Vincent Peale's 'The Power of Positive Thinking'. The core of his teaching is: What you think, you become. You can download 'As a Man Thinketh' here. It's small and easily read.

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"Words are of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind."
Rudyard Kipling