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Demonstrative speech topics

 - 'how to' speech ideas by the dozens

Here's a selection of good demonstrative speech topics covering a broad variety of themes:

But before you rush to choose any of them you should really examine your own interest areas first.

Because choosing a visual aids speech topic you genuinely care about will make it easier for you to prepare your speech well.

You'll do it with real passion and that will shine through. Your enthusiasm will pull the audience in and they'll want to know about what you've got to share.

Mix your interests, your expertise, with your audience's needs and expectations you'll come up with a compelling topic.

Using my lists

The best way to use my lists of demonstrative speech topics is as a starting point to trigger your own how to ideas for demonstration speeches.

The magic of 'how'

Truly, a demonstrative speech topic could be on anything at

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Put the magic word 'how' in front of almost any aspect of life you can think of and there's a demonstration speech topic. They may not all be suitable for your audience but they're 'how to' topics nevertheless!

Add visual aids to illustrate, (charts, graphs, handouts,
costumes, objects, actors to role play or demonstrate, video snippets, audio tracks, posters, photographs, power point ...), a lot of rehearsal and there's your speech.

Do check out the links to the other topic suggestion pages too!

100+ demonstration topics
50 'soft skill' how to speech ideas

And make sure you read over how to use visual aids well.

Business Topics

How to:

  • pitch a product
  • make a cold call
  • close a sale
  • prepare a presentation
business reading glasses
  • write a resume
  • run a meeting
  • write business emails
  • dress well on a small budget
  • develop a contacts list
  • balance commitments
  • prioritize time
  • prepare an elevator speech
  • write a proposal
  • note take
  • write minutes of a meeting
  • conference call effectively
  • question well
  • listen well
  • read body language
  • manage taxes
  • make great power point slides
  • socialize in a business setting
  • manage a small project
  • analyze the competition
  • apply for a job
  • complete an online skill or aptitude test
  • run a market stall
  • apply for a grant
  • mentor a colleague
  • encourage entrepreneurial thinking and action
  • develop a business model
  • research a potential product
  • use online social media effectively
  • work from home

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pink money pig

Frugal Living Demonstrative Speech Topics

How to:

  • live off grid
  • save for your retirement
  • use a credit card well
  • manage a household budget
  • re-cycle
  • set up a urban co-operative
  • save on groceries
  • set up a weekly meal planner
  • make your own baby food, bread, health drinks (smoothies), beverages (beer, wine, lemonade ...), cheese, yoghurt, preserves (jams, jellies, pickles, canned fruit and vegetables)...
  • sew or repair your own clothes - fix a hem, zip, replace a button ...
  • do your own household repairs - fix a clogged drain, paint a room, fix a door handle, a leaky tap ...
  • make your own cosmetics
  • recognize and use medicinal herbs or plants
  • build your own furniture -indoor and outdoor
  • fish
  • compost
  • grow vegetables, flowers, herbs, cacti ...
  • grow from seed or cuttings
  • design and build a garden, courtyard, play area ...
  • decorate a child's room, a cake, a table ...
  • launder your own clothes
  • organize a clothing, book, toy, plant or furniture and household goods swap
  • get free education help online

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baby doll

Caring ...

How to care for:

  • a crying baby
  • a toddler
  • an elderly person
  • someone who is ill
  • silver jewelry
  • gold jewelry
  • books
  • skin - dry skin, sunburn, acne ...
  • hair
  • clothes
  • shoes
  • house plants
  • a computer, car, bike, lawn mower ...
  • art works, fine furniture, antiques or any special collection ...
  • a pet: dog, cat, rabbit, bird, fish ...
  • add your own 'how to care for' topic

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appartment on fire

Be Prepared Demonstrative Speech Topics

First aid procedures - what to do if someone:

  • faints
  • has a heart, panic or asthma attack
  • has an epileptic fit
  • has a severe allergic response to something
  • breaks a limb
  • is burned or poisoned
  • is hyperventilating

Survival - what to do when:

  • an earthquake strikes
  • a building catches on fire
  • you're caught out in a storm or any other type of disaster

Safety procedures of any sort:

  • driving
  • cooking
  • hiking
  • biking
  • riding
  • dating
  • swimming
  • boating
  • climbing
  • skiing
  • sailing
  • food preparation and storage
  • gun handling ...

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Entertainment/Leisure Demonstrative Speech Topics

How to play old fashioned party or parlor games:

  • blind man's bluff
  • musical chairs
  • pin the tail on the donkey
  • creeping up on grandma
  • charades
  • I went to the shop and what did I buy? I bought ... and other memory games

clown shoes

How to:

  • play card tricks
  • play string games
  • play knuckle bones
  • play skipping games
  • sing a round
  • tell a joke
  • mime
  • clown
  • juggle
  • yodel
  • whistle
  • blow bubbles
  • learn a new dance move
  • plan a party - theme, decor, food, drink, music, invitations, entertainment ...

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Public Speaking Demonstrative Speech Topics

How to:
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black microphone on red backgroun

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