A Man of God who Made History

by Prof. Dr. Chandrakumar Manickam
(USA and India)

Eulogy for my father-in-law R.K.Samuel

Some people watch history, some people make history. Our beloved father and Uncle R.K. Samuel, I would say made history in and through his life and contribution to the kingdom of God.

As I travel around the world, I have always proudly testified that my father-in law is such a great man of God not only in his life and character but also in his commitment to serve the Lord. Many retired and old people were motivated and encouraged when I shared with them people that Uncle even in his eighties was still distributing tracts to people and preached in various places.

Right from the time of our marriage, he became my close friend and prayer partner and for quiet some years conducted the morning devotion for our office staff. Every time Sara and I came back to India he and Aunty were always there to receive us and he prayed a thanks giving prayer. All these 27 years I never departed from India without Uncle praying a very powerful prayer for me. Already I am feeling sad that in another two days I am leaving for Australia and he will not be there to pray for me.

Not only he was my father-in law and a prayer partner, but he was a very dear father to me and every evening we have a wonderful time of prayer and worship in our home with Uncle and Aunty. Just two days back after family prayer, he asked for a chocolate and when I gave him one, he gave me a thankful smile and that is the last I saw him alive.

Last year when he suddenly became very weak and speechless, Sara, Ruth and I took him to the hospital and I cried and prayed for God to give him one more chance to live for some more time and that he should not die in the hospital in that condition and we should victoriously take him back home. God heard our prayers and gave him one more year of life and as per our wish and the wish of all family members he died a very peaceful death without any pain or struggle.

There is nothing more certain than death, and nothing more uncertain than the time of dying. Hence, we must be prepared at all times for that which may come at anytime.

Sunset in our place is sunrise in another. Our father who has died has not passed away but has gone before us. He cannot come back to us, but we can go to him. Now he has gone to be with Rebecca and Roy, so let us prepare ourselves by living a holy life just as he lived so that we can meet him one day.

Death shortens our life on earth but sweetens our way to heaven. Where death finds you, eternity binds you.

Finally, we must live in such a way that people should miss us when we die like we all miss him so much.

God bless you all.

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Thanks very much for sharing such a awesome tribute with us. Your words give hope and encouragement to readers. They have made me realize that the earth is a visiting place. As such, we shall one day return to heaven. What will people remember us for is what we will keep behind.

Well said
by: Dave

Thank you for this. What a tremendous help this was to me. I'm getting excited about bringing honor to my friend and his family at this time of grieving that is subjected in hope.

Appreciate your kind comments
by: Prof. Dr. Chandrakumar Manickam

Thanks dear friends for your kind appreciation of this article on the man of God my father in law. May God add His blessings upon you all.

You can log on to my website: www.chandrakumar.net for further inspiration

With love and prayers
Prof. Dr. Chandrakumar Manickam

Thank you for sharing
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing. Many of your remarks are appropriate to my dear friend and Man of God.

Again, thank you.

Many thanks
by: Susan

Thank you for adding your deeply felt tribute to a man who obviously inspired you and whom you loved dearly.

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