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By: Susan Dugdale | Last modified: 02-04-2024

Writing and then delivering a meaningful eulogy at a memorial service is, to be blunt, a challenge. You want what you prepare to be right: an honest and heartfelt tribute encapsulating all the good things that were uniquely special about this dear person’s life, this person whom you loved.

But how do you achieve that? Where do you begin?

I understand the struggle to pull thoughts together when you're in the midst of grief. It can be hard work, a daunting task.

That's why I've grouped all the resources I have about writing a good eulogy, including examples of eulogies, in one place: this page.

It's a kind of directory to give you access to all the information you need.

What's on this page

Links to 70+ eulogy examples. You'll find them for family members, close friends and more:

Links to onsite resources for writing a celebration of life speech:

A link to a resource to help with the grieving and healing process:

How reading sample eulogies helps

Reading what other people have written will help you form your own ideas. It's a great way to start if you're feeling overwhelmed.

Find a eulogy speech you like - one whose tone, style and structure feels right to you. Then, if you wish to, you can take it, and make it your own. Follow the pattern. Swap out the stories. Put yours in. Change what you need to, to make it true for you.

Or you can follow my step-by-step guidelines for writing a eulogy. That's what many of the people did who wrote the funeral speeches below.

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About these example eulogies

Image: a collage of 12 labels eg. Eulogies for mothers, Eulogies for fathers, Eulogies for sisters, Eulogies for brothers ...

These eulogies were written by people from all over the world: USA, Mexico, England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, South Africa, Cape Verde, India, Philippines... 

What they all have in common is the desire to celebrate their loved ones the best way they can, and generosity.

They've sent their speeches to me to share, in the hope they help those who read them. 

The result is a rich, diverse collection representing multiple cultures and religious beliefs. 

As you read, listen. You'll hear their voices: their sincerity, their passion, bewilderment, understanding, humor... In short, you'll hear humanity.

(Find out more about how, and why, people share the funeral tributes they have written.)

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Image: Eulogy for mothers label

Eulogy examples for a mother

Mothers. Mums. Mammas. Moms. Hard workers, truth tellers, fun lovers, miracle workers, passionate defenders and supporters of their children. Their lives are recalled and celebrated by their sons and daughters with love, humor, honesty and gratitude.

The eulogies are very different in tone and content. What unites them is their theme: deep love and respect for the women who gave their writers' life.

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Image: Eulogy for fathers label

Eulogy examples for a father

Dad. Papa. Father. Pop. The old man. Whatever you call him he's the man who parented you through your childhood and, beyond.

The collection of eulogies for Dads celebrates men who became fathers late in life, men who struggled with addiction and won, men who taught their sons "guy kind-of" things, men who adored their grandchildren, men who worked hard day after day to provide for their families ...

They're a rich, beautiful acknowledgment of the role fathers play in their children's lives.

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Image: Eulogies for sons and sisters label

Eulogies for sons and sisters

Having to write a eulogy for your son or daughter is almost unbearable to think about. And yet some of us have to.

There are two eulogies for sons below. Both are heartbreakingly tender testimonies of love, each in their own way. The first has helped many people since I put it online.  You'll see that reflected in the comments.

We've also got two eulogies for little sisters: the first written by her big sister and the second by her big brother. Again, they are very different in treatment and content, and yet they share the same sentiment: gratitude for a much loved younger sister.

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Image: Eulogies for brothers label

Eulogies for brothers

Adored big brothers. Rascally little brothers. Special brothers. Brothers with smiles so wide they had to pin their ears back to fit them in. Here are five eulogies sharing favorite memories: the pleasure, joy and, sometimes the pain, of having a brother. 

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Image: Eulogies for uncles label

Eulogies for uncles

Uncles. In some families they're a bit like spare Dads. They lend a hand, give advice, teach you a thing or two, tease, and love you whether you are up or down. The uncles in the three eulogies below did all of that and more.

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Image: Eulogies for grandmothers label

Eulogies for grandmothers

Grannies, grandmas, nannies ... Whatever you call them in many families these women are dearly loved by their grandchildren for many things: the stories they tell, the fun they have when they're together, the way they love unconditionally, for the examples they set, and ultimately, for being themselves.

There are eulogies here for English, American, Indian, and Australian grandmothers, all of whom were adored.

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Image: Eulogies for grandfathers label

Eulogies for grandfathers

How do you fittingly honor the relationship you had with your Grandfather in a eulogy? 

Perhaps your grandfather was an inspiration to you. A shining example of selfless manhood. Perhaps he was dance partner, a poet, and a friend. Perhaps he was a hardworking, generous man.

Read these eulogies. They'll help you find a way to express what was uniquely special to you about your grandfather. 

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Image: Eulogies for in-laws label

Eulogies for in-laws

In-laws. Father, mother, sister or brother-in-law, they've been the butt of jokes forever. That aside they're an integral part of families, and many of us forge a dear, close relationship with them. We love those people and love having them in our lives.

The eulogies for father-in-laws are from a son and a daughter-in-law. The ones for sister-in-laws were written by a sister and a brother-in-law. And the eulogy for a much loved mother-in-law comes from her daughter-in-law. 

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Image: Eulogies for colleagues label

Eulogies for colleagues

We spend an enormous amount of time working, often in the same workplace, with the same people for many years.

Naturally, some of the relationships we form will be highly significant for the long lasting positive impact they have on our lives.

Its those people, extraordinary colleagues and friends, who have been written about in the eulogies below. 

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Image: Eulogies for friends label

Eulogies for friends

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart."

The eulogies below celebrate true friends: those whom we trust, we love, we laugh with, we cry with, those people who  bring us joy, who understand us.

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Image: Eulogies for others label

Eulogies for others

We're human. We form all sorts of relationships with all sorts people who become, through the quality of the connection, important to us.  They could be our teachers, our ministers, mentors... even, ourselves.

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Resources for writing eulogies

Resources to help with grief

  • Bereavement support - a free series of 7 inspirational messages carefully chosen to support, comfort and inspire.

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