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Public speaking resources shop

Speech topic printables, games and more!

By: Susan Dugdale | Last modified: 01-31-2024

Here's all the public speaking resources available on write-out-loud.com in one place: a shop!

You'll find public speaking games, speech topic printables, and more.

Happy browsing.

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Public speaking games

Image: retro cartoon girl excitedly saying - TBH! I love presenting and giving speeches now. Public speaking games are totally lit.

28 public speaking games: A complete resource for teachers - everything you need to start immediately. For middle school upwards. $27.95 US

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Three public speaking games bundle

Image: retro label. Text: write-out-loud - print & play public speaking games

Three public speaking games: Permission to Present Badly, One Minute Speeches, and Tangling Tongue Twisters. For middle school and up.  $14.95 US

Single public speaking games

17 of the best impromptu speech activities 

Ebook cover: 17 fun effective impromptu speech activities - write-out-loud.com

17 superb impromptu speech activities to ease people into impromptu speaking without stress. A complete resource. Comprehensive guidelines plus printables. Suitable for middle school upwards.
$17.00 US

5 printable resource files for impromptu speeches

Collage of colorful labels for write-out-loud.com public speaking printables: 100 Expert Interview ideas, 80 Story Starters, 48 Would You Rather Questions, 100 Song Titles, 40 Picture Prompts.

5 printable resource files for impromptu speech activities.
Bundle: $5.95 US

Printable impromptu speech topic cards

Image: retro label. Text: 98 Proverbs - Printable speech topic cards.

98 Proverbs
$4.75 US

Image: retro label. Text: 98 Quotations - Printable speech topic cards.

98 Quotations
$4.75 US

Buy both for $7.50 US.

Personal assistance

Image: woman sitting at a writing desk circa 19th century. Text: Speech writer - a ghost writer who prepares words for someone else to speak.

Custom speech writing
From $350 US

Image: multi colored butterflies and speech bubbles. Text: Help to get your butterflies in formation and your words right out loud.

From $80 US 

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