Brendan, My friend

by Anthony
(St. Louis MO)

Thank you all for coming to help celebrate Brendan's life and share our grief at his passing.

My name is Anthony, or as Brendan called me Tony, or sometimes just “Price” because there were more than a few Tonys who we hung around with.

He and I have been close friends for many years. Brendan did me the honor of being the best man at my wedding 14 years ago - one of the happiest days of my life that I'm glad that he decided to be a part of.

Memories. When I think of Brendan I will remember many nights of discussing history and philosophy, ethics and important things like comic books and video games and if we wanted to fight...politics, which we, more often than not, disagreed on.

However that didn't matter because no matter how much were on opposite sides on a topic we both cared and respected each other enough to agree to disagree. Most times. That is something that I think is harder and harder to find these days when it seems that the world is trying to tear us all apart for the smallest of differences.

Brendan and I accepted each other. As friends, as kindred spirits. Even though we were opposites many ways it didn't matter.

We were both dreamers, gamers, nerds. We fit in with each other when often it seemed as if we did not fit in this world.

Brendan had a passion for life. He has made many friends and their stories and pictures of him and the lives that he touched is a testament of his character.

This is how I will remember Brendan. Not for his kilt but for his compassion for others. He was always there with a smile and a hug and a drink and a couch to crash on.

He was there for me, believing in me at a time when I didn't believe in myself and for that I cannot ever thank him enough.

Brendan, thank you for everything that you did for me. I want you to know my friend, that I love you with all my heart and that I always remember you.

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Great example
by: Joseph Komane

I could not come up with the speech due to my grief, but Tony's eulogy guided me. No doubt, Brendan had a great friend.

I'm glad you found the help you needed.
Kind regards, Susan

Many thanks
by: Susan

Tony, it's a beautiful eulogy. Thank you for deciding to share it.

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