Eulogy example - Eulogy for a Heroine - Halima Obehi Jubrin

by John
(Benin City, Nigeria )

Halima Obehi Jubrin

Halima Obehi Jubrin

How can anyone forget in a hurry the amazing personality and lofty future that Honourable Halima represents? Seeing her picture again this morning made me feel the same pain I felt when the news of her demise first struck me.

The passing away of Honourable Halima was like a burning metallic spear. It struck down the happiness imbued in her sphere of influence.

Oh Honourable Halima, darkness was high and low when I was told that you left so soon.

The moon, out of dismay, refused to shine and the splendid stars wept a zillion tears the night you left this transient world.

If only one could turn back the hands of time, then the pangs of pain and vacuum your demise evoked will be replenished with joy and happiness.

You were that stoic combatant with an optimistic faith to speak up without fear or timidity. You were so full of dreams that transcended your generation.

Your life mirrors the words of William Osler who said, "We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from it."

You indeed lived and fought for many. I still remember that single call you made on my behalf that changed things for good.

Till date, my desk Officer in the Federal Ministry still ask me, "Where is that your 'sister' in state house?" That's the million dollar question I have not been able to answer.

You will be forever remembered by all those that you have affected positively. We remember you today as that lady in cultured verse who holds a sportsman's creed. We remember you as that lady who fought for others with the courage and determination of a man with a feminine touch.

I will forever miss you in different ways. May your soul keep resting in God's Heavenly bliss.

Sleep on, my sister and boss.

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Thank you for sharing
by: Susan

Hi John,

Thank you for submitting your eulogy for Halima.

Reading it makes me want to know more about her and her work. She sounds quite extraordinary.

It's been several years since you wrote this piece. I hope everything is well in your world.

Kind regards,

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