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GABRIEL VON SUCH, Gabby, to his friends and colleagues was such a nice, soft-spoken man, with a ready smile for everyone.

When he asked me to stand as one of the sponsors at his wedding to Marie Imperio, I was really honored. He considered me a friend, whom he admired and looked up to, because he lost his mother before he got married. In fact it was the other way round. I admired him because of his gentle manners, his hunger for success and his ambitions too. I was his confidante, his rock, when he had problems at home and at work.

We treated each other with respect with regards to the affairs of the heart. He respected my opinion regarding all the girls who caught his eyes. If my opinion counted, I advised him which girl to pursue. That girl is his present wife, Marie. She was number one on his list.

When I retired from work, we didn't lose our communication. I left for the States but never failed to get in touch with him each time I went home to the Philippines.

One day I visited my friends in Meralco, and discovered that Gabby was not there anymore as he had retired at age 59. But luckily we were able to meet and he, together with Marie and family, treated me out for lunch. That was the last time I saw Gabby alive, in 2010.

How I wish we could have another day to treat each other out when I came again this year, 2012. But unfortunately we failed to meet and I went back to the States on June 9. Gabby died days after.

I lost a friend, but my friend is now happy to face the Lord. My prayers goes with him.

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Many thanks
by: Susan

Many thanks for posting Suzie.
It's a privileged position to stand as sponsor as well as surrogate mother. Your friend Gabby will have loved you dearly for your friendship and counsel over the years.

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