Eulogy for my Grandmother (Nani)

by Vyomi Malik
(New Delhi, India)

My Maternal Grandmother (Nani) - Nirmal Khanna

My Maternal Grandmother (Nani) - Nirmal Khanna

One of the hardest things a person has to do in life is write and give an eulogy on the passing away of a loved one. Last week, my Nani left for her heavenly abode and today was the prayer meeting on the Chautha (4th Day).

I'm sharing with all of you the eulogy in the form of a poem I wrote last night for her on behalf of all her grandchildren. I share this here because paying tribute to a dear one and speaking to a packed room full of 300-400 people, while keeping your emotions in check is not easy, however such events are inevitable. I hope mine inspires you in someway to write yours.

"Thank you so much for joining us in prayer this afternoon to pay homage to our beloved Nirmal Khanna. A mother is more precious than any other person.
A grandmother, being a mother twice over, is closest to her grandchildren.
On behalf of her grandchildren, whom she adored, this poem is dedicated to our iron lady with a will of steel.

Your loving arms
Were our tranquil oasis
Your radiant smile
Exuded a halo for miles

With determination
And angelic grace
Every challenge
You happily embraced

From you we learnt to be grateful
Count our blessings and be joyful
Your humility kept us grounded and down to earth
Teaching us to respect everything's worth

You taught us to be wise
In words, actions, thoughts and deeds
For the only thing one carries from this life onto the next
Is the fruit of past karma’s seeds

Your gems of wisdom
Will constantly inspire
To see the positive in everything
Like you we will always aspire

May your enlightened soul
Rest in eternal divine bliss
In all our hearts
You will forever live

Thank you."

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Beautiful words
by: Mrs. Moreira

You have done an excellent job, writing all those words that surely comes from the bottom of your heart. Beautiful words for your grandmother.
You are like the letter of introduction, for everyone who did not know your Nani. For sure she was an extraordinary human being.
Never forget her teachings.

Mrs. Moreira

Thank you Vyomi
by: Susan

In describing your Grandmother you've given us some lovely phrases like this one - "A grandmother, being a mother twice over, is closest to her grandchildren."
Thank you for sharing.
Kind regards,

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