Farewell Tribute

by Sarian Bouma

Farewell, B Robinson, the Perfect Gentleman

B. C., Brother Opeh; your life with us will always be remembered. You have been the perfect gentleman to everyone you came across since you were born.

You will always be remembered for the different things you are to one and all.

To all of us here today, you are the man who loved your family, loved your music, loved the BBC world news, CNN and of course, SaLone news but most of all you Loved God.

To the Church, you faithfully serve and support in your quiet caring way.

To your wife, you never gave up in faith that she will someday join you here in the States as your love for her remains constantly strong!

To your children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces you were a good father, grandfather and uncle. You gave them the very best in life. Every single one of them got the very best from you. Your role in their lives will forever remain exemplary.

To your brother, Rev. P. Ekundayo, his wife Yvette and all family members; you remained a caring and loving brother, and brother in law. Always there for everyone, to contribute positively to peace and togetherness.

And to your baby sister R, you kept her under your wings throughout all these years faithfully joining hands with Ekundayo to do all you can to see her well!

To your late mother, late father and your late sister you loved and cared for them all their lives; even through difficult times.

To the government, you dedicated 15yrs of service from Capitol Hill office buildings, to State and Local government buildings. You climbed gracefully through the ranks of your career as a supervisor to site manager.

In the words of a former senior executive: “You were one of the BEST Workers.” You were indeed a great asset to the company and government agencies.

To your co-workers and colleagues, friends and neighbors, you were the peacemaker, especially those of us from Boyle Street. I never remember you to having a quarrel with anyone, from Freetown, to the USA. You are always there to help, advise and to give to every one that you cross paths with.

On a personal Note: You always pulled me to the side and asked that I stop fighting at the pump on Boyle Street. Several years later, here in the States you confided in me, that I was indeed very bright and knew that someday I will be blessed!

You remained gentle and jovial up to your death. I am so proud to call you a neighbor, and later on found out that The Ballay and Robinson Family are related, and thank God I can call you a cousin. It is painful to loose you now Brother Opeh, but God knows what's best.

We wish you farewell as you join Mama Gonto, Phillppa, Pa. Robinson, Pa Ballay and all the many other family members in the bosom of God Almighty and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
May St. Peter and all the saints open wide the gates of heaven as the angels welcome you with great trumpet and open hands!

Farewell the perfect gentleman!

May we rise and send Brother Opeh’s Holy Spirit to heaven with the greatest round of applause for a Job well done on Earth!

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Touching Funeral Tribute
by: Turnwait M. O

Thanks very much for your eulogy. Your thoughts are touching and your words are expressive. They remind me of my childhood friend whom I lost to death.
Thanks very much for sharing this with me.

Gratitude & Thanks
by: Susan

Many thanks for sharing your celebration of a dearly loved and valued friend.

Reading your words (the personal note) reminds me what a gift it is to receive acknowledgement for who we can be, rather than who we currently are. That gift, to see and encourage potential has no price tag. It's beyond money and yet is one of the powerful I know, carrying the capacity to change and transform lives.

In giving, your friend lives on through those touched by his grace.

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