Forever in my thoughts

by JG
(New York)

It is said, "There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and just live a little better." Jennifer was definitely one of those people.

For me, Jennifer was the big sister I always wanted: protective, supportive, bossy at times, incredibly kind, funny, fiercely loyal, and amazingly thoughtful. She was the one person that I could be completely myself with. She was the person who could often figure out what I needed before I even knew. Her love for me always felt endless and my love for her certainly is.

I learned so much from Jen: from the amazing strength she had dealing with her physical decline to the determination she had not to let her illness rob her of any time she had with her family and friends.

Jen’s sense of gratitude for all the good she had in her life; her kids, her husband, family, friends and a life well lived, was remarkable. Even in the end, as she faced the hardest time of her life, her focus was on what she had, not what she was losing.

It is with my own renewed sense of gratitude; I try to reflect on what I too have and not what I have lost. I cannot say I have been quite as successful as Jen was. My heart is still broken and a piece of it will be forever gone.

But I am so grateful for being lucky enough to have had Jen in my life and for all the wonderful memories we shared: the vacations, the road trips, our Downtown Abbey obsession, quiet times by the fire, even her constant ribbing about my driving.

When I think of those times now, I do so with tears in my eyes but someday I hope to do so with a smile. Hopefully one of those big smiles like Jen smiled, that seem to make everything just a little better. Until then - I love you Jen and I will always miss you.

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Eulogy for your much-loved friend
by: Susan

Justine, thank you for sharing your eulogy for your much admired and loved friend Jennifer.

Reading what you've written about her makes me smile too, and so her influence travels on. And will keep on doing so via each person who comes looking for help to write a eulogy for a friend.

Once again, many thanks,

Kind regards,

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