Grandad’s Tribute

by Matt
(London )

A legend. You were a humble man full of love, strength and encouragement to us. In life and now death you wouldn't want us to focus on the sadness and sorrow but to continue to love and support each other no matter the situation.  
Your warm smile taught us that love reigns supreme. This is what those who were fortunate enough to know you will remember you by.

I also remember the jokes you always used to tell when I was by your side; your invaluable wisdom and the advice you shared with me; our passion for keeping fit and discussing plans for the future. Being by your side was truly a tremendous time of blessing, one which cannot be forgotten.
I remember when I was a young boy and first met you. You hugged me so tight to you. I felt ever so secure in your arms.

I looked forward to seeing you at every opportunity that came. Every year that I would visit Ghana you were the first on my mind to see. Unfortunately it wasn't to be on this occasion when I came down.  My heart was shredded.  

And I never forgot to bring your favourite commodity: smoked gammon which made you smile.

You always asked after me, Mary and Aunt Ellen and encouraged us to continue to unite and love each other. You were the father of all fathers. A shining example to all.

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Thank you for sharing
by: Susan

Matt, your eulogy is beautiful. The love and respect you have for your Grandfather shines through.

Thank you for sharing.
Kind regards,

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