In loving memory of Meagan Lourens, our Manager

by Pumza
(East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa)

We often say that the hour of death cannot be forecast. When we say this we imagine this hour would be in a distant future. We never thought we would be thinking about Meagan as a memory.

Yes, it came a little soon. She did her best to prepare us for her passing, however it still came as a shock and still feels a bit unreal.

We all have different memories of Meagan but one thing they all have in common is the way she loved and lived for her family.

She had the most inspiring love for her family. Every time she shared one of her family stories, her eyes would light up with the most amazing shine. A shine that could never be unnoticed.

She had the most amazing courageous strength and tenacity that every single person who ever came into contact with her could feel while in her presence. She went through so much in the past 9 years, things that would have broken a lot of people but never Meagan. She carried on gracefully because she knew she had to be strong for the people who were watching her, her children.

She was a manager, mentor, friend and a mother to us. She had a way of making each one of us in the team feel like we were her favorite.

We are so privileged to have worked with such an amazing, strong woman, who had such a deep care about her team members. Meagan taught us strong values and the importance of working together tightly as team, tolerance towards one another, generosity and tolerance towards one another’s weaknesses.

We will always remember her as a leader, a fighter, a lover, a nurturer and a very resilient woman with strong ethics.

Your courage, determination and sense of humor is something we will always carry with us and hope that we can display those same characteristics especially in trying times.

We wish everyone could be so lucky to work with someone like you once in their lifetime. We are so grateful for the brief time we were able to spend with you and believe that the Angels are rejoicing because one of their own has rejoined them.

Let me close with a quote from an unknown author. "A great leader will deflect credit to his people. A bad leader will look to take the credit”. Meagan was definitely in the former category, even on her last message to our team she said working with us was her greatest joy outside of her family.

A piece by Ariana that best describes Meagan:

“She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.”

By so saying we bid you farewell and good night to your physical body. As we know that you will for-ever be in spirit.

Till we meet again beautiful soul rest in Peace.

Your L&D team

PS. Ayesha would like to add this from Kahil Gibran - "When you are sorrowful, look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight."

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Thank you for sharing
by: Katica

It was so helpful to give an idea. I was shocked by the news and totally out of ideas about what and how to write.

For Meagan
by: Hyacinth

Pumza, you did a great job. You guys really lost an important team mate.

Thank you Pumza
by: Susan

Meagan sounds like an extraordinary woman - a wonderful role model who was much loved. Thank you for sharing.

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