My mother was the greatest and most wonderful woman

by Anthony
(Sacramento, Ca, USA)

My beautiful mother in high school.

My beautiful mother in high school.

My mother, Lucy Marie Duran, was born on January 23 1949, in Mesilla, New Mexico. She was one of the eight children, five girls and three boys, who were born to my grandma, Jesus Marie Duran and my grandpa, Candelario Duran.

My mother has three children; my sister Melissa, my sister Jenell, and I am the baby, Anthony.

So all of you who knew my mother knew she was very sweet, kind, loving, caring, and generous. Sometimes I wish at least half of us could be as selfless as she was.

My mother was so carefree and hardly had any worries in life. Also she was very nonjudgmental. She accepted every one no matter who they were and she loved every one from family to friends. And she made friends every where she went.

I remember asking my mother before she passed away if she was scared to pass. And my mother told me, without skipping a beat, no, Mijo. I'm not afraid to die because I know the Lord will be waiting for me.

She added, I just don't want to leave my children and family behind!

I told her don't worry. We will be alright and we will be there for each other the best way we know how.

All I know is my mother lit up a room where ever she went and now she is lighting up heaven with the beautiful smile she always had and her beautiful laugh. She is lighting up our paths as we are walking. She is letting us know that she is OK, that she is in heaven and that she wants us to love each other and treat each other with respect.

So before I close this, I just want to thank everyone who showed up for this beautiful, wonderful women and for you to remember all the good times we had with her and all the lives she changed with her love!

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Thank you for sharing
by: Susan

Anthony, thank you for sharing your love of your beautiful mother with us.

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