My son, my moon

by J.K.Mann

I am Sam's mother. I am going to do the hardest job of speaking at the funeral of my son Sampuran Mann.

He was born on 11 April 1960. It was a puranmashi (full moon) day and a Monday too. My mom named him Sampuran. It means "full, complete".

When he was 2 years old he saw the moon in the sky he said "tuts Hoya chand". It means broken moon.

He landed in Canada in 1987. He sponsored us all. We thank him.

He was a very hard working person and technical minded. He used to help his co workers and people used to ask for help with some electronics. He worked on the school board.

One day he told me Mom be like the song "Don't worry, be happy". Another song he liked was Na much chipa ke jiyo au r na sar jhuka ke. Jiyo, game ka daur bhi aye to muskura ke jiyo. He lived his life like it.

On 4 Jan 2017 my moon Sam got broken. He was 56 yrs.only. It was my time to go, but cruel death took him away. He left us all crying for our loss.

Now he is at peace he is with Waheguru, the god. Sam, I will never ever forget you till I die.

Good bye my precious son. We all love you, son Sampuran.

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Thank you for sharing
by: Susan

I wish you love and strength. Yours is the journey any mother fears, regardless of the age of her child.

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