Our Mother's Love

by Gary
(Perth, Australia)

Our Mum, our Nan and our friend Valerie

Our Mum, our Nan and our friend Valerie

A Mother's love is something
that no one can explain,
It is made of deep devotion
and of sacrifice and pain,
It is endless and unselfish
and enduring come what may
For nothing can destroy it
or take that love away

—Helen Steiner Rice -

I think the last clear exchange my Mother and I had was one night as I was going home, when I said "I love you Mum." And Mum replied "I love you all."

In these last few years she said that quite a bit. Still it wasn't always that natural for her but I've always known how much she loved us.

Nowadays people say it all the time. Even men say it to their friends but then they also say things like trust me and I'll call you later.

The thing is our Mum's love is pure. It does not require words because it's in everything she did and that's real love. Yes, you can feel love but love is about actions more than it is about what you say, or even feel.

Nan must have known this because not only was our mother what some might describe as a domestic goddess, she not only fed us, she spoiled us. When we needed clothes, they were always on par with everyone else's, which when I think of what our family budget must have been back then, is pretty impressive. But what made us most proud was when we needed defending, her protection could be ferocious.

Of course no one's perfect and Nan could be a tough cookie some times. On one of these rare occasions when I mistakenly called Nan a name that I later learned no lady should ever be called pertaining to shape, I found out how tough she could be. As soon as that word had crossed my lips I knew it was a mistake. What I didn't know was that thinking I could beat her in a race up 4 flights of stairs to the safety of my bedroom was another mistake. But yes, I've always known how much Nan loved us. Relentlessly.

Sadly Nan's childhood was not the same as ours, far from it. Yet where many allow themselves to become bitter, Nan was one of those who just resolved to do better and I'm so proud of her for that too. Instead of these difficulties defeating her they somehow made her brave and strong which is what Valerie means. Brave and strong.

That's how Nan was to the very end, she would rather endure the pain than take medication. Just so she wouldn't get drowsy. So she could be THERE with us as long as possible. I don't believe many in the medical staff ever expected Nan to last to Mother's Day, let alone her birthday, but she got there and kept on going because that's who Valerie is, our Mum, your Nan, or your friend. Brave and strong.

They say YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU'VE GOT UNTIL ITS GONE. But I really did think I knew how good and wonderful she was but I ACTUALLY didn't until this happened.

Nan took everything life threw at her and just kept coming back for more. Throughout this battle Nan did all she could do to hang on whilst at the same time keeping her spirits high for us and she never complained once. We've been amazed and inspired by her. Now I realise that within the tragedy of Nan's final chapter she left a hidden gift. Inspiration.

So rest in peace Mum. We will think of you and miss you. And when I say think of you I mean every day, and when I say I'll miss you, I mean always. I love you Mum.

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Thank you Mom
by: Denise

Thank you for this beautiful tribute to your Mom. It helped me so much. Truly inspiring.

by: Anonymous

That was so heartfelt! Great choice of words. Again good job, and you just inspired me to use parts of this poem in my own speech for my mother!

You're welcome Lecia
by: Gary

Hi Lecia,

I'm so pleased that you connect with some of these sentiments.
Along with the site owner, I'd also love for you to take anything from my eulogy that you'd like as it's this site that gave me the momentum I needed just to get started. One thing I'd like others to know is that it helped me greatly to have a photo of mum nearby as I worked on it. I just started talking to her and thinking about her and everything poured out so easily. Perhaps a photo would help you too.
I hope it does.
Take care.


Mother's Love
by: Lecia

Thank you for this beautiful piece... It is exactly the story and life of my mum. Reading this just made me cry more. Please, is it okay to use a part of the poem and some lines in your write up? It would really help me. Thank you again.

Hi Lecia,
It's Susan here - the person who runs this website. Of course you can take what you need. It's there to help. We're glad that you found it.
Kind regards,

Inspired story
by: Heroll Cajegas

When I read this story I am really touched because of the things that really makes me happy and inspire that makes me and my family specially to my mother...

Your words are true of mothers
by: Sanďra Gager

Gary such a beautiful tribute to your Mother, and yes, I remember Valarie always with a smiling face, and a friendly welcome. That's something that rubbed off on her children. A truly beautiful person who will be missed dearly.

So beautifully written
by: Anonymous

Beautifully written

by: Angela

Very moving, and how very true of a Mother's love. It also sums up my Mother. Thank you for sharing such a special poem.

Your Mother
by: Anonymous

Simply beautiful! I would be proud being your mother.

Thank you Gary
by: Susan

You've given us a wonderful picture of your Mum. I can see her - strong, no-nonsense and so proud of her children. An inspiring woman.

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