Tribute to a friend, Vasu

by Tommy Govender
(South Africa)

Yesterday, I a dear friend did lose
Mentor & colleague beyond excuse
A legend of iconic status
Foundation of Crossmoor's success

Education your life's intention
Work ethic worthy of emulation
Your commitment beyond reproach
Example for others to approach

Life a challenge did throw
Undeterred you did flow
Committed to the end
Steadfast you not bend

A giant of a man you are
Crossmoor Secondary's own star
Memories are all we cherish
Footprints must not perish

Management and Staff we mourn
Our hearts remain forlorn
But in our thoughts you live
In our learners we give

Over your computer bent
Planning with great intent
Timetables and examinations
Splits and combinations

Your expertise, a revelation
Many minds, your creation
Hundreds, they came in tributes
R.Thaver, source of their roots

To Mona, Tasha and Derishnie
We salute you on bended knee
A united family you were
Vasu your centre and care
Strength Will guide you true
In heaven he'll see you through

Miss, we will, the morning briefings
Instructions, jokes and meetings
Your, smile, persistence and resilience
Against the odds, your deliverance

"Goodbye Vasu, our trusted friend.
We've known each other since then
We had joy, we had fun
We had seasons in the sun
But the wine and the song
Like the seasons all have gone
You gave us love and helped us find the sun
And every time we were down
You would help us come around
And get our feet back on the ground."

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