A Daughters Loss of a Mother

by Kristy Bell
(Perth, Western Australia, Australia)

Tina Anderson

Tina Anderson

My mother always said that we could be whomever we wanted to be. She was a person you could really depend on and was a constantly supporting her children no matter if they wanted to climb the tallest mountain or build the biggest block tower. She was our rock and she is one lady who will be missed by not only her children, but everyone.

When we were growing up my mother made sure my siblings and I were always taken care of. She would sacrifice her own happiness for ours.

When we were younger we didn’t understand that, but she was just that type of giving person. As we grew up we begin to realize Mum was one of the good ones. She always said you had to be nice to everyone even if they weren’t nice to you, because you didn’t know what might be going on in their lives. I could never understand how she could be so compassionate to people who were not nice to her. That was just the way Mum was. She cared more for everyone else than she did for herself.

You can never get as much time with the ones you love as you think you are owed. We didn't know Mama's time with us was short, but we still enjoyed every second with her. She was just as sweet, supportive, and full of joy as always right up to the end.

Mum was a light in my life as I am sure she was a light in all of yours. She would give anyone the shirt off her back and go out of her way to help a friend in need. I remember one time when I was little Mum got a phone call late at night from a friend who lived on the other side of the Street. She had fought with her husband and was really upset. Mum dressed us and went out in her nightgown with us to go console her because Dad was working that night. She would always be there for her friends and family.

There are so many memories of my mother that come to mind so it would be next to impossible for me to pick a favorite. When her time was growing short in those last few days she spent time with each one of us telling us how much we had meant in her life. That will go in my memory bank as one of my favorite times with her. We were lucky to have such a great mother, and even luckier that we were able to spend so much time with her at the end of her life.

Mum is with us today in our hearts. Words can't express how much she meant to me and my family. I know she is watching us and is with us in spirit. Let us remember Tina Anderson as the carefree and loving person she was and celebrate the life of a great woman as we honor her memory today.

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Thank you
by: Linda M

This is a beautiful tribute. I recently lost my Mom of 90 Yrs. and wondered how do I sum up that wonderful Life. This is a letter of love and I hope I can give the same tribute as you do to your Mom.

Lost for words
by: Anonymous

I lost my Mom yesterday and as I sit here and try to write I am at a loss. I hope you don't mind if I use some of your sweet words to honor my mom.

Please do! That's exactly what they're there for - to help others.

Thank you so much for your beautiful inspiring words
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your beautiful eulogy
Lost my Mum last Monday.
So numb. Can't find the words myself.
Hope you don't mind me using some of yours.
Centre of our world disappears when we loose our Mums. Thank you for such comforting words. xx

Loss of a mother
by: Courtney

I just lost my mom two days ago. I’m 21 and have three brothers. It was a car accident that took her life and my grandmother's. If it’s okay with you I would like to use some of what you said in my eulogy as well. Thank you for being brave and sharing.

Of course you may take what you need. We're happy to be of service, and wish you courage and much love.

With gratitude
by: Anonymous

Thank you,

This was both inspiring and helpful to me in writing for my own mother.

To all of you who speak - you are so very brave!

by: Anonymous

I am sorry for your loss. I just lost mine too. You have helped me a lot. I would love you to permit me use some of your eulogy too. You are a source of inspiration.

Please go ahead and use what you want. That's what the eulogy is here for - to help people find the words they need to express themselves.

by: Anonymous

My deepest sympathy - what a lovely eulogy - I too sadly have this task and it's impossible to summarize all the love she showed to us all xx

S Barker

by: Diane

I have been given the task of writing my mother's eulogy. Your kind words and wonderful story has lifted my spirits.

Thank you for this beautiful eulogy
by: Mrs.C.C.

I have the honour but also the sorrow of currently writing my Mother's (online) obituary/eulogy.
After reading yours about your Mother, I feel I will be able to do it justly & as unique as my Mom was.


My deepest sympathies for your loss.


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