Birthday speech tips

It's birthday time and your birthday speech tips are wanted so our readers can celebrate in style!

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Maybe you've read my tips for writing and delivering memorable birthday speeches. You may have browsed through the collections of birthday quotations and perhaps you stopped by to take in the 40th birthday speech sample or the 50th one ...

And now it's your turn. You probably have some absolutely superb birthday speech ideas I don't know about.

This is your chance to share them!

Please take up the offer below. Get your own page on my site, add a photograph or two and let your birthday speech suggestions (or speech) give someone's celebration the 'wow' factor. It's easy to do and only takes a little time.

So come on now...

Do you have some magical birthday speech tips?

Perhaps you have a speech you'd like to share?

Or maybe an extra-special suggestion that made someone's birthday unforgettable?

Every minute of every hour of every day someone somewhere is searching for that magical idea to light up more than the candles on the cake. They want something, as my Granny would say, to warm the cockles of the heart.

Let's spread the happiness around. If you've got birthday speech tips to light up a life please share.

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