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A Christmas speech sample

By: Susan Dugdale | Last modified: 10-03-2023

An office Christmas party speech to adapt and make your own

Here's a sample of a Christmas speech prepared by following a simple step by step speech outline. You'll find the format is ideal for an office Christmas party, a family get together, a club Christmas event... 

Yes, it truly is one of those occasions when one size, (one format), will genuinely fit all.

If you want to use the same step by step process to prepare a similarly 'awesome' speech (☺) for yourself you'll find the link at the foot of the page.  

Image: Retro Santa Claus announcing 'an awesomely good office Christmas speech example' to a row of happy smiling office workers.

A note of explanation before you read the speech

What you're seeing here is an example of a speech mostly in note form rather than a full word-by-word, sentence-by-sentence text, or manuscript.

It's like that for two reasons.

1.Flexibility and freedom

The first reason is that our speaker wants the freedom and flexibility given by using cue or note cards.

Cue cards are easily held in one hand. They allow a person to interact more spontaneously with their audience. They can make eye contact, smile, gesture, or move quite freely. And when they need to, they can glance at their cards to remind themselves of what they planned to say next.

In contrast, reading from a complete 'word-for-word' script makes spontaneous interaction with the people listening much trickier to manage.

A set of A4 pages is harder to deal with than a set of cue cards. They're too big to hold in your hands to read them comfortably, therefore you need a podium to put them on. That means the speaker is anchored to one spot; behind it.

The result is a more formal presentation which doesn't fit with either the occasion or this speaker's overall purpose: to reach out, to inspire and unite the audience with their theme of gratitude.

You'll note that the concluding segment is the full text. It's that way because they sweated over getting the right words down and don't want to risk muddling them due to the excitement and pressure of the moment!

When they practice the speech and finally deliver it they will flesh out the 'opening' and 'body of speech' notes into full sentences.

2. Note cards help them remember

The second reason is that the speaker wants to remind themselves of the names they need to mention in their opening welcome segment, the important points they wish to cover in the body of their speech and, the sequence that they come in. Without notes they may forget what they wanted to say.

(This method of speech delivery: a mix of carefully scripted text and impromptu speaking using note cards is called extemporaneous.)

Joe Brown's Christmas office party speech

Image: man standing in his office. Text: Joe Brown's Christmas speech for the office party.

Behind the scenes

Background information to help put this speech* in context:

  1. The speaker is Joe Brown. He and his family own and manage a small company: Brown's Mill. Brown's Mill makes 'widgets and wodgets'.
  2. The audience is the company staff.
  3. The aim or purpose of the speech is to thank them for their work during the year, to foster a sense of togetherness, gratitude and hope.
  4. The setting is the staff room. It is an informal occasion. Drinks and finger foods will be served after Joe has made their speech.
  5. The theme Joe has chosen to hang their speech on is gratitude.

* The speech is entirely fictional. I made it up as an example for you. 

Christmas speech sample: Joe's opening notes

Image: Christmas label decorated with balloons. Text: Joe Brown's Christmas speech - opening notes.


  • Bryan Grant and Betsy McKinley from Kelly and Bell (VIP guests)
  • Esther - 25th Christmas function with us
  • Everybody else

Transition to body & theme introduction

"Despite what we've thought about the past 12 months and the dreaded R and C words (recession and Covid) we've made it through to the end of the year.

It's nearly Christmas and we've got a lot to be grateful for. We're here, we have a great team and we're still in business."

Joe's notes for the body of his speech

Image: Christmas label decorated with balloons. Text: Notes for the body of Joe Brown's Christmas speech.

Point One - April - major order canceled - a lot of staff ill - we survived. Tough decisions had to be made but we stood by each other, were supported by our families and made the necessary sacrifices. Huge thanks to Chrissie for organizing the home care support system. 

Point Two - September - breakthrough into a new widget market. Fantastic team work - particularly from Doug's production unit - worked all hours to get it going. Credit to all concerned. Not so much staff illness.

Point Three - October - new product line - the wodget- introduced. Innovative marketing plan and revised customer service model. Special thanks to Gary for leading and inspiring the marketing team and to Walter for the hours spent ensuring we give the best to our customers.  Finishing the year cautiously optimistic but absolutely certain that it wouldn't have been possible if it hadn't been for the way everyone shouldered their area of responsibility.

The full text of Joe's speech ending

Image: Christmas label decorated with balloons. Text: Notes for the end of Joe Brown's Christmas speech.

"It's been another tough year but I'm proud of what we accomplished together. Some businesses haven't been able to do what we have done.

Thanks to you we'll be going into the new year with strength, to build on our accomplishments and to consolidate our position.

Let's celebrate that. It's a gift to be grateful for. And when you leave here you go to another.

As Burton Hillis said, "The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other."

And that's what I wish for you all!

Now let's raise a glass - to us, to our families and a happy Christmas."

Now change it and make it your own

Image: Christmas label decorated with balloons. Text: Now adapt this Christmas speech. Make it your own.

There you have it! An example of a Christmas speech you can easily adapt to suit: whether it's for a family celebration, the members of your club at your end of year function, your staff...

It's simple, short, and sincere.

Awesome. ☺

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Have a joyous Christmas!