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Help for leaders, managers, CEOs, with their annual office party speech 

By: Susan Dugdale | Last modified: 10-01-2023

The season of tinsel, jingle bells and silly Santa hats is rapidly approaching. If you're a CEO, boss, or leader in a senior management position, they're signs you'll soon be called on to give the annual company Christmas party speech.

Are you ready for it?
Have you started your preparations?

What's on this page?

Two short, sincere and effective office Christmas party speeches samples that you are welcome to use as a basis for writing your own speech.

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Company Christmas party speech example | 1

This is an example of a genuinely sincere, short speech* that a boss or manager might give to kick off the annual company Christmas party.

It's upbeat, brief, acknowledges the challenges that were faced throughout the year and most importantly, how they were met.

The employees/staff of Betham's Enterprises are left in no doubt about who the real heroes in the room are. It's themselves.

* The speech is 394 words long. Delivered, that's between 2-3 minutes. (For more see: How many words per minute in a speech: a useful quick reference guide for the number of words needed for 1 - 10+ minute speeches.)

Here's what they say... 

"Ladies and gentlemen of Betham's Enterprises, it's great to see you all here. Truly! I am not exaggerating.

This is a wonderful time of year: one we all look forward to. Especially me! You just get a holiday. While I am privileged and lucky enough to get a holiday, and to make this speech!

I know many are terrified of public speaking. They'd rather run a thousand miles barefoot across a desert full of mean, prickly cacti. But not me!

Do you know why?

It's because before I can actually make the speech, I've got to think about what I'm going to say. And doing that leads me straight to you. All of you - whatever part of the company you are in. And I'm grateful.

Have you ever wondered what the secret to the enduring success of a business is? It’s not rocket science.

Look around you. It’s Mark in Accounts, Carol from Deliveries, Sally and the rest of the gang in Research and Development, Pip and company in Info. Tech...

It's you guys, all of you - the people we're proud to collectively call our 'team'.

Now, we all know it's been a year like no other. A challenging time is a good and positive way to describe it. There's been the increasing and ongoing impacts of climate change on the supply chain, and rising costs. Then in June we had a dreaded data breach.

The last 12 months have been tricky.

However, the best way to appreciate and understand who we truly are is to look at what we do in the face of challenges.

You stepped up. Big time. You were nimble, creative and committed.

I'm filled with gratitude and respect for the way you problem solved, for the way you worked cooperatively and collaboratively. It's thanks to your innovation, dedication and resilience that the company is moving toward an increasingly sustainable and rewarding future. Now that's worth celebrating!

I could not be more proud or more thankful.

So, before we swing into Christmas karaoke and the best-ever renditions of ‘Jingle Bells’, let's raise a toast to our shared successes, our learned lessons, and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead!

And one more thing - Thanks to Betsy and her team of busy elves who have transformed the cafe. It's more than beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"

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Company Christmas party speech example | 2

My second example is also *short. Like the first it covers the year's major happenings and is principally focused on the staff. It expresses sincere gratitude not only for their work but for how they've done it. 

* The speech is 368 words long. It will take between 2-3 minutes to say. (For more see: How many words per minute in a speech.) 

Here's the text...

"OK, let's be honest; who thought we'd be gathered together for a heigh-ho-merry-old-time back in August? Remember? How can we possibly forget?!

  • Martin and Co, one of our more significant customers, downsized their regular order by more than 50% - a move that caught us on the hop and had has us scrambling for a bit.
  • There was a little more of that, when an opportunistic phishing expedition by some very clever clowns threatened to hold us to ransom.

I think it's fair to say this year has thrown us some curveballs. It's been a rollercoaster ride filled with challenges and uncertainties.

But guess what? We've weathered the storms together, emerged stronger and more resilient than ever.

The contract we've been working on with Little & West has been finalized, and there's exciting news just in from Cranshshaw Enterprises. From January we'll be supplying them 35% more product.

That, my friends, is the magic of teamwork, dedication, and unwavering loyalty.

Success is never just about pivoting, diversifying, hitting targets or achieving milestones; it's also about mutual respect and collaboration.

In a world that sometimes seems increasingly divided, we have shown that unity and teamwork are the keys to survival and progress. The support and encouragement you give to your colleagues, the willingness to lend a helping hand, that's what sets us apart.

You have my sincerest gratitude for your hard work, dedication, and the trust you place in our company.

Terri and your amazing sales team, Monica and the crew in tech support, your voluntary after-hours work during the worst of the cyber attack is legendary, Tom, Ed and Julie in product development, Liz in HR..., the list is very long. 

In short, you, all of you, are the heart and soul of this organization, and I am deeply honored to work alongside such wonderful people.

Thank you!

I wish you all a joyful and peaceful holiday season. May you find time to laugh, time to relax, and time to cherish being with the folk you love.

Let's come back in the new year, re-energized, and ready to tackle new challenges with the same spirit of togetherness and determination that makes us unique."

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