2. Educational referrals (links) to write-out-loud.com

Educational referrals to write-out-loud.com

Educational institutions who use write-out-loud articles and printables

By: Susan Dugdale 

Material from write-out-loud.com is frequently used by educational institutions of all sorts: elementary schools, high schools, community colleges, universities, technical institutes...

And they come from all over the world: USA, Australia, Belgium, France, Spain, Singapore, Ukraine...  

Out of curiosity to see exactly where they all were and what pages they referred their students to, I began collecting their links when I found them in the web analytics tools I use to help me understand more about how people use the site.

The result is the list you see below. These are the links I found over the period March-April 2024.

The screenshot comes from Statcounter.

Statcounter screenshot showing referral links from Pinterest and various educational institutions to write-out-loud.com

It's a delight, and a little humbling, to see them all.

I can't imagine how long the list would be if I'd started it when I began the site - 18 years ago! Or how long the page would become if I updated it regularly.

Today, (04-25-24), there are 59!

About the referring links

The vast majority of these backlinks are inside in-house courses that have been put together exclusively for the school's enrolled students using an e-learning platform like moodle, blackboard, canvas, schoology or brightspace. 

Although I can see the pages being linked to in my analytics, I am unable to see how they're being used because I don't have the necessary login credentials. 

Here are two examples from the screenshot above: 

Referrals from schools in the USA

I've arranged these in alphabetical order.* The page(s) linked to come after the school's name.

*mostly! I began ordering them like that. The first 27 follow that pattern, and then I posted them in the order I find them.

Logos of US educational institutions linked to write-out-loud.com
The logos of USA schools that link to write-out-loud.com
Logos of US educational institutions linked to write-out-loud.com
Logos of USA educational institutions logos that link to write-out-loud.com

Referrals from educational institutions outside US

Logos of universities and other educational institutions from outside of US linked to write-out-loud.com
Logos of universities outside of US using write-out-loud.com material

Online learning and information repositories

Some of the online learning resource sites linking to write-out-loud.com refer to multiple pages, in a few instances 10 or more. Rather than list all of them, I've shown the first 3 pages, and then specified the remaining number.

Where a page is linked to by more than one article on a particular site, I've given the keyword phrase in its url and appended the number of times it's been referenced. E.g. public-speaking-exercises x 4.

Logos of online learning sites and repositories who use write-out-loud.com material.