Eulogy for My Grandmother - Bertha

by Her Grandson Craig
(Kamloops, BC)

Bertha Pernitsky

Bertha Pernitsky

Hello. My name is Craig and I am Bertha’s grandson. I want to thank you all for coming. Your attendance here speaks volumes about the impact that this wonderful woman had on all of us.

Some of you knew her as Mom, Great Grandma, GG, and GG Bert or simply as Bertha. Some you may have even called her other names and I am thinking specifically of her children on this one. I am sure they called her many things over the years. To me and her 14 other grandchildren she was simply Grandma and to all of us, she was a pretty amazing lady.

To highlight this, I reached out to my cousins and asked them a pretty simple and straightforward question:

“What are the 3 words that you would use to describe Grandma?”

Their responses, while simple, begin to paint a detailed portrait of the woman we all knew and loved. I will read them out to you and highlight a few of them.

- Considerate
- Loving
- Selfless
- Nurturing
- Thoughtful
- Generosity
- Compassionate

Grandma was unbelievably compassionate. Her heart and her generosity knew no bounds. Her door was always open - literally. She rarely locked it. You could just walk in and people often did. Neighbors, friends, immediate family and relatives, cousins 6 times removed all knew they had a place to stay for a few minutes, a few hours or for a few days, to enjoy her hospitality and her generosity and - her infamous The door was always open and the food was always plentiful.

Moreover, she donated much of her time to others. Knitting, crocheting, and working on her award winning liquid embroidery that she loved to do; the items she made and were often donated to organizations to support a charitable cause. She loved to give her time and her focus to others and was always willing to give just a little bit more. She was truly selfless.

I particularly remember that she always made sure to send us her notes of love. At every birthday, every Christmas and each Valentine’s Day, Grandma made sure we received a note of her love. It was something that we all looked forward to and got excited about. Especially those home made valentine cards!

- Fun
- Painting Rocks
- Games
- Cards

Grandma was fun! As children, we loved to go and visit her because we always had a good time. In fact, she was the epitome of fun.

She loved to play games and was a phenomenal card and game player. As children, then as teenagers, and then as adults we always looked forward to and enjoyed playing those games: Canasta, Yates, Horse Racing, 65, 5 of a Kind, Connect 4, Around the World, Kings in the Corner, and so many others.

Games were part of her life and many of those same games are now part of our lives. When the deck of cards, the bag of dice, the game board came out, or the call went out for a water fight, or a game of hide and seek, the outside world melted away. We became enthralled in the world of the game and in our grandmother who made it all possible.

The icing on this “Fun” cake were the candies that were always plentiful. There were scotch mints, peanuts, humbugs, chicken bones, ju jubs, and jelly beans. It was like entering our very own Willy Wonka Candy Factory. She was fun!

- Determined
- Strong
- Stubborn

Now some of you would say that Grandmas was strong. Other might refer to her as determined. Some may even go as far as “Stubborn”. But if you asked her, she would say, “I am not stubborn, I am Independent!”

And independent she was. If she had a viewpoint and a perspective on a given topic, nothing you could do or say would alter that. She would budge but only when she was good and ready, and on her terms.

Pushing a point with Grandma was like swimming against a very strong current. The harder you swam, the more she opened up the floodgates for you!

But in many respects she had to be independent. Raising her children after Grandpa Joe’s early passing forced her into a position where she had to fight for what she needed. And fight she did. She had to look out for the interests of her children. So we will give her a pass on this one. She was independent.

- Gregarious
- Creative
- Resourceful
- Inspirational
- Warmth
- Perfect

She was perfect. Perfect in every respect.

- Her laugh
- Her smile
- Her big kisses
- Her hugs

They were perfect and she was the perfect grandmother. And we are all a little closer to perfection to have had her in our lives.

I love you grandma. You will be missed.

With Craig's permission I've added the note he sent accompanying his lovely eulogy.


My grandmother passed away at the beginning of June and I was asked to write her eulogy. I had no idea of where to start and so I reached out to the internet. I came across your site and found it extremely helpful in the tips and suggestions you provided, the examples of other people's eulogies I had access to, and in recognizing that the task I was going to undertake had been difficult for many others. The struggle I was having was near universal.

I was looking for the "right" way to write a eulogy and realized after reading through material on your site that there is no right, or one, way. It is up to me and what I wanted for my eulogy. What I wrote should reflect my own style.

As a thank you, I have submitted the eulogy I delivered in hope it might help others and give them the confidence they need to do this unbelievably difficult thing.

So thank you.

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Thank you
by: Mady

My great Grandma is slowly dying of cancer, and I'd like to write her a speech, but I had no idea where to start. Your Eulogy helped me so much!! Thank you. I am so sorry to hear about your Grandmother Bertha.

Re: Anonymous
by: Craig Curran-Morton


Thank you for your comment. I am sorry for the loss of your grandmother. Know that the words you chose were the words she would have wanted to hear.


Re: Thank you
by: Craig Curran-Morton


I am sorry to hear about your Nan's passing. You did her a great honour.


Thank you
by: Anonymous

My grandmother passed away last Monday and as being the eldest grandchild, I was asked to write her eulogy. I am not good at finding the right words to describe her the way I see her in my mind, but you did. Thank you for the loving words you have shared and I was able to share the idea that you've had.

Thank you
by: Kate

My mom asked me to do the eulogy for my Nan's celebration of life, next week. It's such an honour, yet a major challenge emotionally. You did an AMAZING job with yours to your grandma, and has helped me spark the ideas to make mine a memorable one for everyone present.


by: Anonymous

Thanks Craig. It help me out a lot.

Thank you
by: Craig Curran-Morton

Thank you for your comment Timothy.

I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. I am glad you liked my eulogy and I hope it helped you.


Thank you
by: Timothy

Dear Craig,

I am having a hard time writing a eulogy for my own grandma who has passed recently and I found yours was very well written.

by: Amy

Thank you!!

Thank you
by: Craig Curran-Morton


I am sorry for the loss of your great grandmother. I am glad you found my eulogy helpful.


Thank you
by: Anonymous

I have just lost my great grandmother and I had to write a speech/ prayer the the funeral and I was on a total mind blank and then I found this. It was really helpful and I would like to thank you so much.

Re: Helpful
by: Craig Curran-Morton


I am sorry for the loss of your grandmother. I am glad the eulogy for my grandmother gave you inspiration and I hope your own words bring you comfort in days ahead.


by: Jelisa

Firstly my condolences for your loss. Today makes a week since I have lost my own grandmother who had many similarities to your own I must say. I want to thank you for sharing this as it has given me so much inspiration on what I am expected to say. It takes great courage to share in a difficult time and I commend you for that. Thank you.

re: I've used this three times now...
by: Craig Curran-Morton

I am sorry for your losses Jill. To lose 3 grandparents in such a short time must have been difficult. Your words would have brought much comfort to those friends and family mourning with you. I am glad to hear my writing provided helpful guidance.

I've used this three times now...
by: Jill

Sadly I've used this to inspire three of my grandparents' eulogies. I lost both of my grandmothers in 2016 and my grandfather this past Tuesday. I don't know that I would have been able to coherently piece something together in such a short amount of time without this to use as a guide. Not only have the eulogies I wrote for them been well thought out, they have also been well received and seconded by family and friends in attendance. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Craig.

Thank you
by: Nya Jalknah

It was sad but thank you for the help.

Your comments are appreciated
by: Craig Curran-Morton

Thank you all for your comments. For me, your comments serve a dual purpose. I am happy to hear that the eulogy for my grandmother was useful to you and I appreciate your feedback. Moreover, each time a comment is posted, it gives me an opportunity to return to this site and her eulogy and to reread it and reflect on this amazing woman just a little bit more. So thank you.
-- Craig

Eulogy for Lola Patricia
by: Anonymous

Thank you for posting this eulogy! I didn't know what to write but your eulogy to your beloved grandmother gave me an idea what should be written. I appreciate it!

Tk u
by: Anonymous

Thank u - beautiful

Thank you
by: Anonymous

A friend of mine recently lost her Grandmother and asked me to help her to write the Eulogy.
I asked her to send me some info that I could use - and what she sent me is just as beautiful as what you wrote for your lovely grandmother.

So I will incorporate her words with some of what you have written knowing that there is no wrong or right way to write one.

Thank you


by: Larry

That was beautiful. You truly loved your Grandma. I'm sorry for your loss.

y Grammy's burial
by: Mike Vanel

Thanks to your site cuz it made me write the best of all eulogy for my grammy.

Really helpful
by: Anonymous

This was amazing! It was really inspirational and it helped me write a eulogy for my grandma.

For Grandma
by: Cayla

Thank you, you've brought me to be able to write <3

Thank you for sharing
by: Alexis

I really didn't know where to begin but after reading this... I now know where to start and where to finish... can't thank you enough.

by: Anonymous

Thank you. This article was very helpful.

Huge help
by: Anonymous

Thank you! This is a huge help for me.... writing a Eulogy is one of the hardest things I've had to do, and this really helped me out.

Well done
by: Greg

I want to thank you for writing this and posting it to help us. I drew a blank and couldn't bring myself to write. But seeing what you have done for Grandma has helped me tremendously.

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