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17 fun impromptu speech activities

Impromptu speaking competence without stress  

We all know being able to speak up competently, confidently and at a moment’s notice is enormously valuable in every aspect of our lives.

In a workplace, business, or community setting, it can be what distinguishes us from others: demonstrating leadership potential.

In our private lives it enables us to confidently and competently ‘say a few words’ at important events: a wedding or a funeral.

Despite understanding it’s a good skill to have many of us struggle with impromptu speaking. We freeze. We blush, bumble and blurt when we’re asked to comment publicly.

What these 17 impromptu speech activities do is ease the way into impromptu speaking, one step at a time.

And they make it fun. Open the preview pdf file and see.

17 fun effective impromptu speech activities - ebook cover - write-out-loud.com

 They're popular, versatile and effective!

You'll find the activities invaluable and popular additions to a speech and debate class, or a high school level ELA class.

From experience I know they're equally good with adults in a work place or community group.

Some require longer to run than others. These you can use as the core of a lesson. Others you can use fillers when you have a spare couple of minutes. 

In short, they're versatile, great fun and they, work! 

Additionally, they're evergreen. You'll use them, and the resource files they come with, over and over again.

17 Fun, Effective, Impromptu Speech activities is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn how to teach impromptu speaking.

The book lists many suggestions for impromptu topics and several methods for answering them, such as the Point, Reason, Example (PREP) method and Past, Present, Future. There is also a template for each of them, making it easy for students to structure their answers.

A method of giving good feedback to students is explained, in order to build up the students' confidence and to show them areas for improvement.

Lastly, there are many suggestions for group activities, which make learning fun and take the fear out of public speaking.

I teach impromptu speaking to the students that I coach online and this book will be very useful for me.

Paul Andreas
Certified Speaking Coach

What is in this ebook?

When you buy this ebook you are getting:

  • 17 impromptu speech activities (plus multiple variations and extensions) with full instructions,
  • 26 printable topic, image, outline and feedback sheets 
  • and, guidelines covering the physical space needed, optimum group size, timing, demonstrating the activities, setting student guidelines, conducting positive and valuable feedback sessions, selecting, and evaluating an activity.

In all there are 27 hyperlinked pdfs. That's one main PDF and 26 printable resource files.

Image: Preview button

The ebook fully interlinked for ease of use

To make it easy to use the ebook is extensively cross-linked and the activities are classified by:

  • focus point: 15 of them; including developing awareness of vocabulary, topic, fluency, audience, listening skills, eye contact, body language, credibility, structure, and transitions
  • skill level: beginner, experienced, or both, making it easy to choose an activity.

For US based teachers

These activities belong to the English Language Arts (ELA) Literacy strand and meet the Common Core Standards (CCSS) Speaking & Listening criteria listed below. (To find out more click the grade link you want. It will take you to the page on the Common Core State Standards website, www.corestandards.org/that will give you more information.)

Grade 6 


Present claims and findings, sequencing ideas logically and using pertinent descriptions, facts, and details to accentuate main ideas or themes; use appropriate eye contact, adequate volume, and clear pronunciation.

Adapt speech to a variety of contexts and tasks, demonstrating command of formal English when indicated or appropriate. 

Grade 7



Grade 8



Grade 9-10



Grades 11 & 12



Show them learning to speak up really can be fun

17 fun effective impromptu speech activities - ebook cover - write-out-loud.com

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