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Impromptu speech topic cards -

- a quality 5 minute solution for your "no time to prepare" problem

Introducing Plain Pack Printable Impromptu Speech Topic Cards - an excellent "on-the-run-resource" especially for busy classroom teachers and people working with public speaking in community groups.

Swap panic for relief

These are what you need when you've been landed a class at short notice and want a sure-to-fire activity, or when life has got too hectic to plan in advance.

How do I know? Because I've been your shoes and remember the rising panic of "no time to prepare properly".

A set of cards is a good no-compromise solution and they're available immediately. 

5 minutes is all it takes to get them

In a few short minutes from now you could be printing them out and on your way.

A set of Plain Pack Impromptu Speech Topic Cards contains 98 topics or starters, formatted for printing in a plain, non-nonsense font for easy reading, grouped around a core theme.

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Select the set you want, print, cut and go!

(These are the first two sets available. There are more planned. )

These impromptu speech topic cards will save you time ...

And they'll do it in multiple ways because:

  1. the topics are prepared. There is no need for you to think them up yourself or alternatively, chase around finding, and then collating them.
  2. they are already formatted for printing. You'll get 14 topics per sheet of A4 paper.
  3. they are reusable. Print on heavier paper or card and laminate before cutting and you'll have a recyclable resource. The topics will not date. They are evergreen.

A Plain Pack of Impromptu Speech Topic Cards frees you to focus on the activity itself rather than expending your energy on gathering the resources needed to do it.

It's a quality solution to your 'no-time' problem.

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See for yourself. Open this pdf preview from the 'Proverbs' collection.

Who will the cards work best for?

Generally I've pitched the selection of topics towards middle school and upwards. That is from 11 years to adult.

However these first two sets, Proverbs and Quotations, lean more toward late teens to adult. They'll be great for adult public speaking groups, extension ESL classes and senior students. Both offer opportunities to explore philosophy, the nuances of idiomatic English, irony, morality, motivation and more.

I've had a lot of fun putting them together. It's been the perfect excuse to browse here, and there, and everywhere.

Have you had a peek inside the Proverb preview pdf to see?

The Quotations Plain Pack has exactly the same layout.

Here are 3 quotation examples. As you can see they've been chosen carefully to provoke, probe and push.

The purpose of our lives is to be happy.
- Dalai Lama

An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.
- Mahatma Gandhi

Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping.
- Oscar Wilde

95 more of the same caliber will sharpen the wits of your speakers considerably!

For those of wanting cards for younger age groups, they're on their way.

How many packs would you like?

You can have one for $4.75. Or you can have two for $7.50.








Buy 2 - Proverbs + Quotations

Two broadens the pick and mix topic potential for your speakers, doubles the time you save, as well as being cheaper.

(*Please check the after payment download instructions below.)

Or you can buy just ONE to start with

1 Proverbs Pack

1 Quotes Pack

Safe place purchasing

Buy with confidence. If you find this is not what you thought it was, email me within 30 days of buying and I'll refund your full purchase price.

Download instructions

Please note

You are buying an instantly available downloadable pdf file. To get it, after you have paid; 

Step one

You will be automatically returned from the PayPal payment page to a special page on this site containing the Plain Pack pdf link(s). 

Step two

Click the pdf link(s). When opened, download and save the pdf(s) to your computer.


If you have any problems with the process (and please double-check your email address!) contact me. I'll sort it out for you as fast as possible.