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An example campaign speech for secretary

By: Susan Dugdale 

So, you're running for the Student Council Secretary position and want to see a sample campaign speech to help you write one of your own.

There's an example below, as well as a list of the main tasks* of the Student Council Secretary. You'll want to be thoroughly familiar with all of them before you can begin on your speech!

Go to:

*(My list is general. Your school may have specific requirements that I've not noted. Double check to ensure you know what would be good to highlight in your speech prior to writing it.)

Image: row of raised multi-colored hands. Text: YES!

Student Council Secretary - main tasks

Are you organized? Are you good at communicating: making sure everyone knows what's going on?  How are your administrative skills?

To be worthy of a YES vote from your fellow students you need all three of them!

The role of Student Council Secretary is key to ensuring the council functions smoothly and communicates effectively with students, faculty, and administration.

The main tasks and responsibilities of the position are:

  • Record keeping:
    Maintaining accurate records of all council meetings which includes taking the minutes, preparing the agendas, and noting attendance.
    Ensuring that the minutes of meetings are distributed to Council members and, when necessary, to the student body.

  • Correspondence and communication:
    Handling communication between the council, students, teachers, and administration.
    Relaying important information, announcements, and decisions made by the council to the student body.

  • Meeting preparation:
    Assisting in the preparation of meeting agendas in collaboration with the Council President or the Student Advisor.
    Distributing agendas and other required relevant information to council members before meetings.

  • Attendance tracking:
    Keeping track of attendance at council meetings and reporting any issues to the Student Council President or to the Student Council advisor. For example: repeated unexplained absenteeism or lateness.

  • Archiving and documentation:
    Maintaining an organized archive of past meeting minutes, agendas, and other relevant documents for reference.

  • Elections and voting:
    Assisting in organizing and overseeing Student Council elections, including the nomination processes and voting procedures.

  • Committee support:
    Collaborating with other council members and committees to help them achieve their goals by providing administrative support.

  • Event calendar maintenance + event planning:
    Maintaining/updating the school's event calendar
    Assisting in planning and organizing school events, fundraisers, and community service initiatives sponsored by the Student Council.

  • Community outreach:
    Participating in or supporting outreach efforts to engage with the student body, gathering feedback, and promoting student council activities.

  • Advocacy and representation:
    Serving as a voice for the student body by representing their concerns, ideas, and suggestions during council meetings.

  • Collaboration and teamwork:
    Working closely with the Student Council President, Vice President, Treasurer, and other members to ensure the council operates effectively and achieves its goals.

  • Adherence to bylaws:
    Ensuring that the Student Council operates in accordance with its constitution or bylaws and helping update these documents when necessary.

  • Problem solving:
    Assisting in addressing and finding solutions to issues and challenges faced by the student body.

  • Promotion of school spirit:
    Encouraging school spirit and pride through involvement in pep rallies, spirit weeks, and other activities that foster a sense of unity and belonging.

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Example Secretary speech for Student Council

To get a good idea of how this speech works, read it through a couple of times and then try it out loud.

It's 474 words long which will take just over 3 minutes to say, depending on your speech rate.

Image: a row of raised multi-colored hands. Text: Yes! Sam Smith for secretary Student Council

Don't you just love writing up notes, and scheduling activities? No? {said with a big smile ☺}

Fellow students, teachers, and staff of Cherry Landing College, fortunately I do!

That's why I'm here standing in front of you today. My name is Sam Smith, and I would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you as your Student Council Secretary.

Excellent communication and organizational skills are essential for this role. As anybody who knows me knows, I have both of those, along with the determination to use them to benefit all of us.

The success of a Student Council is to a large extent determined by the efficiency and effectiveness of its communications. As your Secretary, I will make it my primary mission to ensure that information flows smoothly between the student body, teachers, and administration.

We know what happens when it doesn't flow as it should. And we don't like it. People feel excluded. Assumptions are made. Things quickly become unnecessarily chaotic - something we want to avoid!

Now, excellence in communication is underpinned by excellence in organizational skills. The first is impossible without the latter.

Again, I am known for my attention to detail and my ability to keep things well and thoroughly organized. From recording meeting minutes to maintaining a comprehensive calendar of events, you can rely on me to work diligently to keep our council running efficiently - a chaos free zone.

However, being Secretary isn't just about fulfilling administrative tasks well. It's about being a dedicated advocate for all of you. I promise to represent your interests and work to address any issues or challenges that may arise during the school year.

Whether it's improving the school facilities, advocating for more extracurricular activities, or addressing concerns about the cafeteria menu, I will be your voice. 

Whoever you are, I promise to actively listen to your concerns, suggestions, and ideas, and to ensure that they are brought to the attention of the council.

In addition, I am fully committed to fostering a culture of inclusivity and collaboration within our school. I will actively seek out opportunities to bring students from different backgrounds and interests together. By doing so, together we will create a stronger, more united student body - a microcosm of the society we want to live in - one that supports us all.  

In conclusion, I am ready and eager to serve as your Secretary. I bring a passion for communication, organization, and advocacy to this role. But most importantly, I bring a resolve to represent each and every one of you to the best of my ability.

Together, we can make our school a place where every student's voice is heard, and where positive change is always possible.

I ask for your support and your vote. Sam Smith for Secretary! Together, we can make a difference. Thank you.

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Get a blank Student Council speech planner

Click on the image below to open a downloadable printable student council speech planner and outline pdf. (Please note it will open in a new window.)

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