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Student Council speech | Treasurer

An example campaign speech for Treasurer

By: Susan Dugdale 

So, you're campaigning for the Treasurer position on your school's Student Council and would like to see an example of an effective speech to help you write your own.

There's an example below, as well as a list of the Student Council Treasurer's main tasks*. You'll want to take a moment to familiarize yourself with all of them before you decide on the exact content of your speech!

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*(My list is general. Your school may have specific requirements that I've not noted. Double check to make sure you know what would be best to highlight in your speech prior to writing it.)

Image: row of raised multi-colored hands. Text: YES!

Student Council Treasurer: key prerequisites and main tasks

The personal characteristics and skills needed 

Are you a good fit for the role of Treasurer on your school's Student Council?

You stand an excellent chance of getting all the 'Yes' votes you need if you:

  • understand how money or cash-flow works: how to read a statement, how to analyze and forecast financial needs, 
  • can competently operate the software being used to manage the Student Council's financial business,
  • have good presentation, communication and time management skills,
  • pay meticulous attention to details,
  • are thoroughly reliable and honest,
  • are a team player - someone who works well collaboratively,
  • want to serve your school community: your fellow students, the faculty and support staff, as well as members of the Board. 

Student Council Treasurer: main tasks

  • Budget creation:
    The Treasurer works with the Student Council and its advisors to create budgets outlining income and expenses.

    The principal/main budget covers the whole academic year but there may be other smaller budgets required for specific projects that the Student Council undertakes. (Budgets help to ensure that funds are allocated appropriately.)

  • Financial record-keeping:
    Treasurers must track and account for all income and expenditures, which includes collecting receipts and invoices. Maintaining accurate and up-to-date financial records is essential.

  • Fundraising oversight:
    The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing any fundraising the Student Council is involved in. This includes recording funds raised, ensuring that the money is used for its intended purpose, and reporting on fundraising progress.

  • Expense approval:
    The Treasurer often needs to approve or disapprove expenditures to ensure they fall within the budget. They may also work with other council members to make informed decisions about spending.

  • Financial reporting:
    Treasurers should present up to date financial reports regularly at Student Council meetings to keep members informed, and able to make responsible decisions. This is a key duty.

  • Banking and account management:
    Treasurers typically manage the Student Council's bank account: making deposits, processing payments, and reconciling the account to ensure accuracy.

  • Cash handling:
    If the Student Council deals with cash transactions, the Treasurer is responsible for securely handling and documenting everything that is received and disbursed.

  • Financial planning:
    The Treasurer may work with the Student Council to plan and prioritize expenditures, ensuring that funds are allocated to activities or initiatives that benefit the student body the most.

  • Auditing and transparency:
    It's essential for the Treasurer to ensure total transparency in financial matters. This includes making financial records available to council members and potentially undergoing audits to verify their accuracy.
  • Compliance:
    The Treasurer should ensure that the Student Council follows all financial rules and regulations set by the school, including any specific guidelines for student organizations.

  • Advisory role:
    Treasurers may be asked to offer financial advice or insights to the Student Council when making decisions that have on-going financial implications.

  • Long-term planning:
    Beyond managing the immediate finances, Treasurers may participate in long-term financial planning to ensure the Council's ability to fund future projects or initiatives.

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Example Treasurer speech for Student Council

To get a good idea of how this speech works, read it through a couple of times and then try it out loud.

It's 474 words long which will take just over 3 minutes to say, depending on your speech rate.

Image: a row of raised multi-colored hands. Text: Yes! Mae McLoud for Treasurer Student Council

My name is Mae Mcloud, and I have something very important to share with you, something that could change your life, and the lives of those around you, for the better. It's something, I know, you'll want to know.

It's this.

My fellow students, teachers, and anyone else with an invested interest in who is elected to the Treasurer role on our Student Council, I love money!

I am passionate about it. Not for its own sake, but for what it can achieve when it's properly managed.

That coupled with my desire to serve our school community, makes me the ideal candidate for Treasurer.

Financial responsibility is at the heart of any successful organization, and our Student Council is no exception.

We need someone who is financially literate, someone who can be trusted to manage our Council's finance competently. I believe that person is me.

Here's why: 

Firstly, I already have extensive experience in financial management. You're looking at the person who's been fascinated by what money can and cannot do, since she got her first pay for cleaning the family car at age eight.

In the years between then and now I've learned how to look after my own finance as well as others. Through middle school I was Class Treasurer successfully three times - in grades six, seven and eight.   

understand the importance of creating and adhering to budgets, tracking expenses, and making informed financial decisions. I am committed to ensuring that our Council's funds are managed wisely to benefit all students.

Secondly: transparency and accountability. I believe in complete transparency and accountability when it comes to financial matters.

If elected, I will continue what I'm already known for. That is keeping meticulous records of all transactions, regularly reporting on our financial status to the council, and making this information available to all who want it.

Your trust in me will never be taken for granted.

Thirdly: problem-solving skills. In the face of unexpected financial challenges, or opportunities, I am a proven proactive problem solver. You can be assured I will work closely with the Council and Advisors to find creative solutions that benefit our school community.

Which is a segue to my fourth point: community involvement.

I am much more than a capable and creative manager of your funds. I am also dedicated to fostering a real sense of community within our school.

I promise to actively seek your input on how we can best allocate our resources. Your voice matters in financial decisions. You deserve to be heard.

Lastly, here's my fifth point. I am not just looking for a title; I am here today because I wish to serve. You can count on me to put in the time and effort necessary to fulfill my responsibilities as Treasurer to the very best of my ability.

With your support, I will ensure that our Student Council's finances are handled efficiently, effectively and transparently to make school a better place for all of us.

I am asking for your trust and your vote. Together we'll make certain our Student Council's financial future is in safe hands.

Mae Mcloud for Treasurer! Yes!

Thank you.

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Get a blank Student Council speech planner

Click on the image below to open a downloadable printable student council speech planner and outline pdf. (Please note it will open in a new window.)

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