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Easy persuasive speech topics: examples

90 persuasive topic suggestions + resources for writing persuasive speeches

By: Susan Dugdale | Last modified: 08-05-2022

Let's be right up front about this.

'Easy' and 'persuasive' are seldom paired when it comes to speech topics! Therefore examples of easy persuasive speech topics are a bit of a rarity, and finding them can be tricky.

However all is not completely lost. They can, and do, come together, but only if you work at it.  Let me show you how. 

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The myth of 'easy' and an 'easy' speech

That word 'easy' is very tempting. It seductively implies something you can fling together, without a lot of effort, at short notice. 

Image: a tiger-budgie. Text: Easy and persuasive are seldom paired when it comes to speech topics. That makes easy persuasive speech topics a bit of a rarity. Just like this tiger-budgie.

An 'easy' speech is not going to take a lot of work to plan, research, to write, or to practice. Everything needed to prepare it will be done without hassle, because it's, 'easy'. The entire process will flow smoothly from start to finish without fuss.

When you present the speech the audience will be spell-bound, riveted by your outstanding choice of subject and its treatment. In short, they will be amazed.

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What a successful persuasive speech usually takes

To give a successful persuasive speech means being able to use a compelling mix of reasoning and emotional appeal to convince whoever you are talking to that your point of view is right. Generally doing that well takes thought and effort.

You have to have chosen a subject your audience will be genuinely interested in and use just the right combination of logical reasoning and emotional appeal to engage and hold them from the first words you say till your last. That in turn means thinking your speech through carefully, step by step, and then doing whatever is needed to make it work.

Those things include:

  • deciding on a specific speech purpose, (what you want people to do as a result of listening to your speech)
  • research to pull facts together to ground your speech, to give you a solid platform to stand on
  • understanding your audience so you know how best to shape your material to address their concerns
  • sorting out any additional resources you may want to use (eg. images, graphs, hand outs ...)
  • practice, and then more practice. 

You see? Easy and persuasive don't seem to have a lot in common.

However, there is a way through.

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How a persuasive speech topic becomes easy

You'll be glad to know there are exceptions. 

A persuasive topic becomes 'easy' if:

  • it fits with the criteria you've been given, 
  • you already know a lot about it, 
  • there's a readily accessible, and credible body of knowledge covering it, 
  • you're passionate about it, and
  • you genuinely want to do what is required to cover it well.

Difficulties miraculously melt away when you are totally engrossed! 

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90 potentially easy persuasive speech topics

Below are 90 possible persuasive topics chosen for their broad appeal, and because they are subjects people generally feel strongly about. 

Read them through, making a note of any that jump out and that you think you may be able to use. These will be the ones you'll find much 'easier' than the others because you're already interested! 

Easy persuasive speech topics 1-10

  1. Having a pet makes their owner a better person.
  2. The future has already been decided.
  3. We need to understand and learn from our history.
  4. The death penalty is never acceptable.
  5. Life was better before the influence of online social media took over.
  6. Adversity makes a person stronger.
  7. It is better to earn your own living rather than to be financially provided for by someone else.
  8. The amount of money a person has is not a meaningful measure of success.
  9. All tobacco products should be banned
  10. Good health care should be available to all people.

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Easy persuasive speech topic examples 11- 20

  1. Subliminal advertising should be banned.
  2. Men and women should receive the same work place benefits.
  3. No child should be denied an education on the grounds of gender, race or poverty.
  4. A school uniform helps make everyone equal.
  5. All children should be welcome in the world, regardless of the circumstances of their birth.
  6. Poor nutritional health in first world countries is the result of poor food choices.
  7. Sugar should be banned.
  8. Child care should be free.
  9.  Parents should be equally responsible for child care.
  10. The family who eats together stays together.

Persuasive speech topic ideas 21- 30

  1. War is never right.
  2. Censorship is sensible on the internet.
  3. Children should have their use of social media and the internet monitored.
  4. Abortion on demand should be a right.
  5. Hate is not natural. It is a learned behavior.
  6. Immigrants should be welcomed and helped rather than banned.
  7. Violence breeds violence.
  8. Adults wanting children should be required to hold a parenting license.
  9. The same adoption laws should apply to whoever wants to adopt a child.
  10. Fear fuels violence.

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Topic suggestions for persuasive speeches 31- 40

  1. Race crime is the result of ignorance.
  2. Food waste is criminal.
  3. Money never solves problems.
  4. Satire keeps us sane, and honest.
  5. Art/music/dance is necessary for survival.
  6. Graffiti is art too.
  7. People who are suffering from mental ill-health should be treated similarly to those suffering from physical ill-health.
  8. To be a little bit crazy is a good thing.
  9. We need to move to keep fit, functioning and balanced.
  10. The elderly should be cared for in their own homes.

Ideas for easy persuasive speeches 41- 50 

  1. Those who want to die should be allowed to with dignity.
  2. The real reason a bully bullies is never the person who is getting bullied.
  3. Love makes the world go around.
  4. People should never be cloned.
  5. Genetic engineering should be banned.
  6. Using a mobile phone while driving should be illegal.
  7. Keeping animals in zoos is inhumane.
  8. A driver’s license test should be taken every 3 years.
  9. A vegan diet is not natural.
  10. Fossil fuels should be phased out.

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Examples of easy persuasive speech topics 51 - 60

  1. Unmonitored use of facial recognition technology is a violation of individual rights.
  2. The use of any form of corporal punishment should be banned.
  3. Everyone should spend several months per year working for the betterment of others in a non-profit social service organization.
  4. Thanks and gratitude should be regularly expressed for everything good in our lives.
  5. Everyone deserves to be loved.
  6. Discipline is good for us.
  7. To be vulnerable is to be strong.
  8. Children should come with a user manual.
  9. The arts are equally as valuable as the sciences.
  10. Laughter heals.

Speech topics for easy persuasive speeches 61 - 70

  1. Real life is stranger than fiction.
  2. Recycling should be compulsory.
  3. A greener world is necessary for our survival.
  4. Welfare should start at home.
  5. Financial education is essential.
  6. True equality is a fantasy.
  7. Everyone deserves a living wage.
  8. The fast food industry is responsible for many of the Western World’s health problems.
  9. A sugar tax would help control the consumption of foods with high sugar content.
  10. Homework should be banned.

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Persuasive speech topic suggestions 71 - 80

  1. Everybody should learn to cook and clean for themselves.
  2. Everybody’s screen time should be monitored.
  3. Tithing helps us take care of those who can’t help themselves.
  4. Expressing oneself freely is more important than getting the grammar, punctuation and spelling right.
  5. Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me is a lie.
  6. Vacations are essential.
  7. Team sports build good character traits.
  8. All forms of gender bias should be illegal.
  9. Being outdoors in nature heals.
  10. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery should only be for those who genuinely need it.

Easy topics for persuasive speeches 81 - 90

  1. The ability to sustain a real time face to face conversation is being lost due to our high use of smart phones.
  2. Cheating on a test or in an examination is understandable.
  3. We must never tell lies to children except about Father Christmas, the tooth fairy and the Easter Rabbit.
  4. Single sex schools are better for girls.
  5. Getting top marks in an examination is not the only way to prove a person’s intelligence.
  6. Everybody is entitled to privacy, including children and teenagers.
  7. Table manners are important.
  8. Clothes speak louder than words.
  9. Poverty is a state of mind.
  10. Education is the passport to a better life.

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