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Fun persuasive speech topics

205 persuasive topic suggestions to make them smile

By: Susan Dugdale 

So, you've been asked to prepare a persuasive speech and you're looking for the right topic; one your audience will love.☺

You'd like something interesting. Preferably a combination of zany, cheerful, entertaining, outrageous, amusing, side-splittingly funny, comical, jolly, merry AND mirthful with a side serving of droll and a whiff of the ridiculous.

Maybe, even crazy!  

Because humor is the best way to give people a good laugh. And done well, we both know it is very, very persuasive.

For you, here's a collection of 205 funny persuasive speech topics.

Image: girl with T-shirt saying You can do anything. Background text - Be funny, droll, witty, amusing, zany, jolly - 205 persuasive speech topics

What's on this page:

Weirdly amusing and bizarre book titles! 

What were those authors thinking? And who were they expecting to read their work?

Is there actually an audience for these books?

Come on, convince me that I should read them

Use these book titles as a starting point and let your mind run free. 

Persuade us that we need what is contained within the covers of any one of these 20 extraordinary books.*

Image - vintage tractor. Text: Old tractors and the men who love them.
  1. Curses and Blessings for All Occasions 
  2. The Manga Guide to Calculus
  3.  Natural Bust Enlargement with Total Mind Power
  4.  The Pop-Up Book of Phobias
  5.  How to Raise Your I.Q. by Eating Gifted Children
  6.  Old Tractors and the Men Who Love Them
  7.  How to Survive a Robot Uprising
  8.  Extreme Ironing
  9.  Horse Yoga 
  10.  The History of the Concrete Roofing Tile
Image - orange and purple pencils perfectly sharpened. Text:Fun Persuasive Speech Topics - How to sharpen pencils.
  1. How to Sharpen Pencils 
  2. How Tea Cosies Changed the World
  3. How To Live With An Idiot: Clueless Creatures And The People Who Love Them 
  4. 50 Sad Chairs
  5. Outwitting Squirrels
  6. The Deer-Smellers of Haunted Mountain
  7. Nuclear War: What's in It for You? 
  8. Old Age: Its Cause and Prevention
  9. Dating for Under a Dollar: 301 Ideas
  10. Be Bold With Bananas

*These are titles of real books -  not a figment of my over active imagination. Check this link to Abebooks.com and all will be revealed. It's worth a visit just see the covers. Some of them are truly, glorious retro masterpieces.

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How to use these titles as the basis of a speech

You do not need to actually read the books. (I don't think they'll be on a college student's reading list any time soon. ☺)

Instead choose a title, or any of the other 185 topics on this page: one you think has the potential to make an amusing and good persuasive topic. Then, let it work its magic in your mind.

Use your imagination (brainstorm*) to come up with your own ideas.

When you have three or four strong points that you intend to use in the body of your speech, flesh them out with compelling details: important fun things everyone absolutely needs to know about.

*brainstorm - an excellent and efficient method of rapidly generating ideas on a particular subject or theme.

If you haven't used the brainstorming technique before, you can find out more and see examples of it in action by clicking the link: what is a brainstorm?

How Tea Cosies Changed the World

As an example, here's the beginning of a fun persuasive speech using the book title - How Tea Cosies Changed the World.

Image: cover of cushions and cosies magazine circa 1940

"We know about the invention of the wheel changing the world. Similarly we know about the impact of light bulbs, telephones, and the internet. However, how much do we know about tea cosies?

That's right. Very little. In fact, nothing.

And yet, ladies and gentlemen, we should."

Compelling "alternative facts" I've invented to establish the humble tea cosy as a world changer, an important influencer, are:

  • The British Empire was built on tea. Every important event or meeting had the taking of tea as its center-point.

    Expanding the colony? Let's chat over a nice cup tea about it. Those meetings could be very long, and tea needs to be drunk hot. Therefore, to minimize the distraction and distress caused by tepid or worse, cold tea, a tea cosy was placed over the teapot to keep the tea inside it warm. Thus allowing allowing history to be made. (Examples needed to illustrate.)

  • The tea cosy as an ambassador - A cosy was often given as a gift to important dignitaries on visits to other countries - becomes a tangible reminder of the Empire and its power. (Examples needed.)

  • The tea cosy as a symbol of domestic, national and international harmony - bringing people together, uniting them - fostering civilized conversations in often difficult situations...

Obviously, it needs much more development. However, I'm sure you get the idea. It's absurd, ridiculous and lots of fun!

Who'd have thought a hand knitted tea cosy could achieve so much! They need to be preserved and protected. They're an endangered artifact...

Is it a true story? No. Does that matter? No.

What does, is that you construct and deliver a good speech: one demonstrating you understand how to persuade effectively and is entertaining for the audience. That's the most important thing.

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16 funny persuasive speech topics

Image: the twelve signs of the zodiac
Text: Newspaper horoscopes accurately forecast the day's events.

Put "persuade me that" in front of each of the following topics and take your imagination for a stroll. Are there any sparking a few, fresh and funny ideas?

Persuade me that:

  1. lying is a good skill to have
  2. the dog really did eat your homework
  3. procrastination is essential for survival
  4. fashion, for example, skinny jeans, makes fools of people
  5. newspaper horoscopes accurately forecast the day's events
  6. academic examinations are bad for high school student's health
  7. dogs are a man's best friend
  8. vegetables communicate with each other
  9. being good looking is over-rated
  10. time spent on social media is productive
  11. looking intelligent is better than looking cool
  12. it's a child's duty to annoy their parents
  13. junk food is good food
  14. public personal bloopers are character building
  15. it's a parent's duty to embarrass their children
  16. labor-saving machines like dishwashers or clothes driers are damaging family dynamics
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Another 15 great funny persuasive topics 

Image: Fantasy landscape coming to life out of pages of a book.
Text: Fairy tales can come true.

Persuade me that:

  1. teaching someone close to you to drive will strengthen your relationship
  2. corporate jargon is an aid to good communication 
  3. being completely lazy is a useful skill to have
  4. life would be better with a soundtrack and volume control
  5. common sense is actually quite rare
  6. parental bribery is permissible 
  7. time is interpreted differently by men and women
  8. romantic love is over rated
  9. fairy tales can come true
  10. being young and stupid is unavoidable
  11. extreme diets can work
  12. the perfect partner does exist
  13. vehicles have personality
  14. pets reflect their owners
  15. clothing should be optional
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 OMG! 30 more fun persuasive topic ideas -:)

Image: drawing of a line of simple flowers.
Text: Plants have feelings.

Please do your very best to persuade me that:

  1. everyone has something to hide
  2. life is a test you can't revise for 
  3. preparation for the future is for cowards
  4. failing spectacularly and publicly is character building
  5. wearing spandex tights is not a public health hazard
  6. love at first sight is a myth
  7. plants have feelings
  8. being sensible is boring
  9. painting the town red is a good idea
  10. telling the truth to your parents can be dangerous
  11. talking to trees is normal
  12. acting like a child keeps a person young
  13. girls are programmed by gender to want pink things
  14. most teachers have humor-bypasses
  15. life is better with cake
  16. a balanced diet is a cupcake in both hands
  17. looking in the mirror is inspirational
  18. failure is opportunity in disguise
  19. too much of a good thing is wonderful - Mae West
  20. growing up is optional
  21. breaking your funny-bone is painful
  22. dating disasters are unavoidable
  23. believing in Santa Claus is for children
  24. Christmas is primarily a marketing opportunity
  25. money, like the best things in life, should be free
  26. life should come with a remote control 
  27. google has replaced the need for education
  28. pick-up lines can work
  29. tattoos are a necessary fashion accessory
  30. customers are always right
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And another 25 funny, interesting persuasive speech topics!

Image - plate with piece of chocolate cake mostly eaten.
Text: Having your cake and eating it too is fair.

Once you've heard my carefully crafted persuasive speech you'll believe, like I do, that:

  1. men should be stay-at-home dads
  2. getting rich quick is an excellent goal to have
  3. dark humor keeps people healthy
  4. annoying other people is a desirable skill to have
  5. feminism is outdated
  6. being an only child is preferable to having siblings
  7. sibling rivalry is very good training for real life
  8. people need to pass examinations to gain the right to become parents
  9. having your cake and eating it too is quite fair
  10. learning to pass on blame is an essential survival skill   
  11. imitation is a compliment
  12. age is irrelevant
  13. good luck charms work
  14. advertising is art
  15. being rude can be therapeutic
  16. cheating is understandable
  17. Murphy's Law is real
  18. being intentionally funny is an art
  19. waiting in a queue is an opportunity to meet people
  20. cleanliness is over-rated
  21. bribery is a lucrative profession
  22. watching paint dry is rewarding 
  23. cultivating charm is useful
  24. looking good is never enough
  25. being intelligent is better than being popular
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25 potentially absurdly funny persuasive topics

Image: mismatched socks Text: wearing mismatched socks is a bold statement of individuality

Come on. Do your wicked best to convince us that:

  1. wearing mismatched socks is a bold statement of individuality.
  2. being geekily passionate about obscure niche interests is cool.
  3. everyone should develop a hilarious alter ego to unleash their inner silliness.
  4. humor and laughter improve our sense of wellbeing.
  5. small random amusing acts of kindness make a big difference.
  6. certain types of music can make us happier.
  7. comedians can raise awareness about important topics while making people laugh.
  8. day dreaming is good for you - letting your mind wander can enhance creativity and productivity.
  9. there are cognitive, cultural, and career advantages to speaking fluent emoji.
  10. the superpowers of committed couch potatoes need celebrating.
  11. adults need to rediscover the joy of puddle jumping.
  12. grocery shopping is actually an Olympic Sport: 10 strategies for winning gold.
  13. emoticons are a universal language and deserve more respect.
  14. collecting 'useful' souvenirs (spoons, coasters...) from every trip you go on is a meaningful activity.
  15. cats are far superior to dogs as pets.
  16. sometimes the best way to achieve success is to do nothing.
  17. acknowledging and embracing awkward personal moments can lead to more genuine and meaningful interactions.
  18. there really is a Sock Monster who steals them from the laundry one at a time.
  19. taking life seriously is seriously overrated and causes major problems. 
  20. dad jokes are an essential part of life and should be welcomed and celebrated.
  21. air guitar is a legitimate highly skilled art form deserving respect.
  22. eating chocolate has extraordinary health benefits as proven by extensive scientific research.
  23. laziness can lead to innovative solutions and advancements in technology. 
  24. watching silly cat videos on the internet is therapeutic.
  25. power naps should be officially integrated into daily schedules in all workplaces and educational institutions. 
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26 ridiculously daft and funny persuasive topics

Image: person in Edwardian dress thinking. Text: Pretending to understand modern art is an art form

Keep a straight face and give your audience a taste of deadpan humor, while skillfully persuading them that:

  1. pretending to understand modern art is an art form.
  2. winning an argument even when you're wrong is a useful survival skill. 
  3. talking to your belongings as if they can hear, understand and respond is a good, safe way to unburden yourself and keep your sanity.
  4. there are benefits to having a disorganized, messy work desk. 
  5. from a cat's point of view, they are superior to humans. 
  6. research shows laughter yoga in traffic jams prevents rage.
  7. mastery of the remote control is an affirmation of power.
  8. pretending to listen to someone while daydreaming is an essential survival skill.
  9. becoming a hoarder is proof of thinking ahead.
  10. these 5 best dance moves for weddings will impress and have you talked about for a long time.
  11. your thumbs deserve to be celebrated for all the dexterous texting they do. 
  12. the selfie-taking generation is in existential crisis. They do not know who they are, or if they exist, unless they frequently see images of themselves.
  13. mental and emotional health is improved by talking to plants.
  14. you can stay fit without having to work out in the gym: a definitive guide.
  15. food dropped on the floor is fine to eat if picked up within 5 seconds.
  16. having confessional conversations with your pet will keep you sane.
  17. affirmations on refrigerator magnets can be life changing.
  18. the checkout line at the supermarket will double in length the moment you join it.
  19. the increase in 'accidental' pocket dialing is actually a sophisticated communication strategy.
  20. there is untapped potential in parallel universe tourism.
  21. having a terrible sense of direction can have unexpected benefits.
  22. popping bubble wrap is curiously satisfying and addictive.
  23. winning arguments with toddlers is possible: the ultimate guide for caregivers.
  24. the future of communication depends on mastering the use of GIFs.
  25. selective hearing is an essential skill for the survival and longevity of relationships.
  26. finding inner peace through the checkout process is possible: The Zen of online shopping therapy - a complete guide.
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Fun persuasive topics: 26 seriously silly ideas

Image: garden gnome Text: that the secret lives of garden gnomes have a positive impact on society.

Your audience's lives will be vastly improved through understanding that:

  1. waiting for a webpage to load is an opportunity to change their lives: 5 life-enhancing things to think about and do.
  2. adding perfectly timed and utterly useless facts to conversations is an art worth pursuing.
  3. they need to know how to safely navigate the uncharted waters of self-photography: selfie etiquette for newbies. 
  4. there is a deep emotional connection between humans and their Wi-Fi routers.
  5. faking enthusiasm convincingly regardless of the occasion is a useful skill: the ultimate guide. 
  6. unicorns are far superior to regular horses.
  7. everyone should have their own personal pet rock.
  8. communicating with emojis is a basic requirement for modern living.
  9. they can survive a zombie apocalypse using bubble wrap.
  10. replacing chairs with hammocks lessens stress and  promotes relaxation.
  11. speaking gobbledygook jargon makes a person sound intelligent.
  12. becoming a professional cereal box collector is a worthy career move.
  13. the secret lives of garden gnomes have a positive impact on society.
  14. learning to dance like a robot will attract the perfect life partner.
  15. being a bubble blower spreads joy and happiness.
  16. training your goldfish to perform tricks requires perseverance and patience.
  17. establishing a national rubber duck appreciation day is important.
  18. replacing all cars in cities with unicycles will solve their congestion and pollution problems.
  19. wearing your clothes backward is the latest fashion trend.
  20. training to become a competitive pillow fighting champion is possible with your guidance.
  21. belly laughing at least 20 times a day has therapeutic benefits.
  22. teaching penguins to fly is necessary for their preservation.
  23. the world needs more superhero sloths in order to be saved.
  24. conducting business meetings on trampolines promotes efficiency and creativity: Bouncing Around Big Business Ideas - A guide for entrepreneurial leaders.
  25. using glitter as a source renewable energy has significant positive environmental impacts.
  26. replacing handshakes with high-fives would speed up finding resolutions for the world's trouble spots.
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23 more amusing persuasive speech topics

Image: trio greek sculptures taking a selfie. Text: that taking silly selfies boosts self-confidence

Take it to your audience. Lay it on the line. Leave no room for doubt. Persuade them that:

  1. developing perseverance and commitment through binge-watching TV shows is commendable. 
  2. a little bit of chaos can be surprisingly freeing.
  3. starting with dessert is a rational approach to dining.
  4. taking silly selfies boosts self-confidence.
  5. having a messy clothes closet is a sign of creativity and a busy, active life.
  6. singing loudly off-key relieves stress. 
  7. dancing badly demonstrates supreme self-confidence.
  8. wearing the wildest and most colorful socks on Silly Sock Day is important because it brings everyone in a workplace together.
  9. loudly sharing your private phone conversations in public places is liberating.
  10. laughing at your own mistakes is a key to happiness and success. 
  11. embracing your inner child leads to a more joyful and fulfilling life. 
  12. pineapple on pizza is not only acceptable but tasty.
  13. invisible friends make the best life coaches. 
  14. speaking in rhyming couplets guarantees you'll get everyone's attention. 
  15. having a dedicated dance move for every life situation is important if you're not that nimble with words. 
  16. wining arguments using mime instead of words. 
  17. an emoji sticker-based currency system has good economic potential. 
  18. wearing pajamas to work/school has significant benefits. 
  19. all national anthems should be replaced with catchy jingles. 
  20. egg rolling should be classed as an Olympic sport.
  21. using rubber chickens as stress-relief tools has advantages.
  22. listening to baby animal lullabies as an adult is therapeutic. 
  23. the vehicle you drive reflects your personality.
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