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Fun speech topics for kids of all ages

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Below are 60 light-hearted fun speech topic ideas. Either pick one or use them to kick start your own creativity.

(At the foot of the page you'll find links to help you craft your speech. Sadly, intentionally "funny" speeches rarely are, without effort.)

Fun speech topics: list 1

Whoops! The wind caught my skirt!

  1. How to procrastinate like a professional - ten top tips
  2. My worst embarrassing experience
  3. 5 sure-to-impress excuses for not handing in your homework (getting to work on time, coming home on time...)
  4. How to tell if your cat (dog, goldfish...) needs counselling
  5. How to successfully annoy your parents (co-workers, friends...)
  6. The top 3 strangest hobbies
  7. The secrets your choice of hobby reveal
  8. How to get others to do your work for you without them knowing
  9. Five ways to test if your friends are really your friends
  10. How to successfully fail your exams
  11. My secret life as Mr Magic (Miss Universe...)
  12. How to be the favorite person of everybody
  13. Why junk food is good for you
  14. Why lying well can be useful
  15. How to look intelligent

Humorous speech topics: list 2

Cherries in love

  1. The Christmas (birthday) presents I would really like to give my family
  2. 5 ways to say 'go away' to an annoying person without appearing rude
  3. The silliest or dumbest accidents
  4. The oddest sports
  5. Vegetables have feeling too
  6. How to tell if a tomato is shy
  7. How to psychologically prepare pumpkins for Halloween
  8. Teaching cabbages to talk
  9. Cruelty to broccoli
  10. Fashion tips for poodles - the latest revealed
  11. Is your dog (cat, goldfish...) intelligent? 10 IQ questions to find out.
  12. Paw readings for dogs. What do those canine's lines reveal? Madame Flo reports on her research.
  13. Teach your pet to talk. Easy step by step exercises to communicate fluently with any animal of your choice.
  14. How to use corporate jargon without embarrassment or ever revealing what you really mean
  15. The uses for a brick (weight, weapon, car back stop...other than it's intended use.)

More funny speech topics: list 3

Two dolls preparing to kiss

  1. How to know if your he-man loves you
  2. The funniest tee shirt sayings
  3. Crazy inventions
  4. The silliest advertising campaign
  5. How NOT to get a date
  6. How to prepare for your first kiss - what a girl should know
  7. How to practice the art of getting others to pick up the tab for you - sponging with style
  8. What a choice of house reveals about its owner - match personality type to dwellings
  9. Famous failures
  10. The weirdest sounding words - what they really mean. How to use them in conversation.
  11. The top 10 words to impress. Examples.
  12. Being beautiful is over rated.
  13. The food I least like to eat and why
  14. They said it. Embarrassing speech blunders of famous people
  15. Mondays should be banned.

And yet more fun speech topics: list 4

Norwegian troll having a very bad hair day

  1. The new national holiday is XXX (Decide and theme a day's activity around it. Example: Smile Day
  2. Hairdressing disasters - My worst bad hair day ever
  3. Word replacements. From now on XXX word is forbidden for whatever reason you can think of. In its place we will say XXX and do it for the rest of your speech.
  4. A collection of the world's oddest records - the biggest teaspoon collection, the tiniest person...
  5. The rules of my household are...
  6. What really makes the world go round? The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about XXX (insert whatever you like)
  7. Words of great wisdom - Things I've learned - never use an electric kettle to boil milk etc
  8. How to look innocent. Guaranteed 100% success
  9. When your mother says 'you look lovely, honey' what is she really trying to tell you? How to decode your parent's conversation
  10. The funniest things I've done or said without intending to be funny
  11. The funniest sayings (expressions) I've heard and where they came from
  12. The best trick that was played on me
  13. Cute or funny things my pets have done
  14. If they could talk, what would they be saying? Walls, chairs, desks, the fridge...
  15. The Beginners Guide to Texting - How to teach your Granny to text.

Ha, ha, ha, hee, hee, hee

To get the best from yourself and your topic do have a look at the following pages. They offer tips, suggestions and examples on how to use humor effectively. It's rare to be a naturally "funny" speaker. Choosing your topic is just the beginning!

Go well! I hope you get them laughing out loud.